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The Result is strong with this one

So I receive this message the other day from

LFit Elite Family Member Ben Gochnauer…about the side effects of being a member of the lfit elite

‘Just wanted to give you a little shout out,
letting you know how thankful I am for you my
man. Calling you and signing up to come work
with you is one of the best decisions I have
made in a long time. You are an incredible
friend and I feel blessed to be able to call
you one.

You have turned a guy who knew very little
about fitness and who was down in the dumps
taking antidepressants and YOU brought me up
and out of that state and so far I’m blown
away by everything. How I feel, how I look, my
whole mind set has changed and I owe it all
to you. ‘

A message like that means the WORLD to me

My favorite part

is this

I was down in the dumps taking antidepressants


YOU brought me up and out of that state…

How I Feel, How I look, My whole mind set has

This is HUGE to me

See, getting a better body is Great and all

and the results physically are of course one
of the high benefits of being within the LFit

But not having to rely on external sources
and having a shift in mindset to have a whole
new out look on life?

That comes WELL before having a better body
or dropping a few pounds here




That my friend is the difference between me
(and what I run within LostFit)

to your run of the mill ‘personal trainer’

‘fitness goo-roo’

Sure, you can take the cheap route for some
quick fix

Injure yourself at some Crossfit joint your
buddy told you to join


enter another dull boring trainer that
just sits back while counting your reps..

I’m sure they’ll help you lose a pound or two
for sure

and if the quick fix is all you’re after

then I will go ahead and advise you to click out 

now and return to Facebook..

However, if you want to actually become ‘that

the one who’s not dependent upon every
sedation known to man such as

food, booze, or drugs

and continuously letting other areas of your
life suffer


think twice

When will that go away?


Until you actually reach a breaking point.
And you’re fed up.

You can’t seem to fit into any of your old pants
because of how snug they’ve become

You have barley enough energy to stay on point at work, little alone keep up with those you love the most 


When your relationships fall apart

Why do I know such a thing?

I’ve been there myself

and have coached hundreds of busy guys
overcome that very problem

Sure, it might sting a bit on the surface

but it needs to be said to help others (you

Take a step in the right direction

Want a chance to learn from me and join the
others inside a truly transformational

go here:

Logan ‘True Change’ Henry

PS Sure this went from happy to a bit of
a side rant, but I actually

care about helping you show up as the

‘other guy’

The guy who runs at maximum POWER throughout
all areas of his life

and doesn’t let himself be controlled by his
overall state of poor health

I’m not going to push you on this

You have to be the one that takes a stand for

For now, take a step back into your current
reality and get honest with where you’re

truly at


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