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The ONE thing you need to stop doing (if you ever want results)

“Avoiding discomfort creates a life of discomfort because in the end you never get what you really want..and you just end up settling for less..”

You might be avoiding the discomfort of getting into shape.

Saying things like…

“I just can’t change my body”

“I just don’t have the time”

“It might work for everyone else but not me”

“I’m scared of what people might think if I change”

I hear it all the time from people I like to refer to as “Reasoners”

All the reasons as to why they can’t achieve what it is their after

See, like your business or career…

Your Relationships

Your Energy to Keep Up With those around you

Your BODY does not lie.

You notice it, everyone else notices it.

Your body, like your success in everything else comes down to your current REALITY…

This is why most choose to hide it and cover it up.

With sedation.

With laughter.

With anger.

With sex.

With drugs.

With work.

With alcohol.

When deep down…

They’ve truly had enough.

Do they want to change… No.

See, it’s easier to stay exactly as you are…




This may sound harsh.

But bottom line… it’s the truth.

I’m all about optimism and think effort has it’s merits but…

“What could be better, is as good as broken”

The truth might hurt, but it will damn sure set you free.

I like YOU…

Have been through the struggles many times before and I’m sure I’ve got more coming my way.

But, regardless of what’s happened to me before or what’s ahead of me, there’s one thing certain I know that won’t help…

Making Excuses.


Blaming others for things that have happened to me.

Because when it comes down to it… the only person that can make the difference in our lives is us…

I feel your pain.

I’m putting in the work everyday to better myself across all areas of life.

Because getting what you want

“Is not about what you have to do…It’s about who you have to become”

Is it easy? No.

But, just like everything else great you’ve achieved in your life nothing comes easy that’s worth having.

So today I ask you this my friend.

Where inside your world are you avoiding discomfort?

When you know the very thing your resisting will be the one thing you need to accomplish your goals.

And your mission is this…

Pick one thing you’ve been avoiding and just go after it.

Don’t wait for the “perfect plan.”

Don’t ponder the thought.

Just GO.

Logan ‘Just Go’ Henry

Super-Fast Fat Loss Workout (no equipment needed)

Come on.. JUST DO IT

Easier said than done for most..

As a busy professional myself, I can relate with everyone on the fact that time is crucial when it comes to getting anything done..

Especially, when it comes to getting in shape.

Your mind is going in all different directions and the thought of even heading to the gym just isn’t there.

You need something that’s both efficient and effective

Something I refer to as   “quick, yet dirty.”

You don’t have to spend countless hours in the gym to get back in great shape

Execute what’s needed to initiate consistent change and accelerate your  results.

The key is to pick up your overall density within a workout

Density is done by increasing the overall workload within your workout in a very short duration of time

Let me explain

Let’s just say this week is going to be crazy busy for you though as always and there’s just  no possible way for you to hit the weights…

Not a problem.

Below, I give you something you can do outside within the concrete jungle or any terrain that fits your liking.

The Fastest Fat Burning Workout:











This has you keeping things quick and simple

If you are having trouble completing all five rounds, just ease into things and set one goal each time to progress one step further than before

Till next time my friend,

Logan Henry

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5 Warning Signs You’re Suffering From “Low T” (No. 3 is Worst)

It can be devastating

Low sex drive

Low sexual performance

Increase in the girly hormone (estrogen)

Loss in lean muscle

Energy levels at an all time low..

All of the above can drive a man insane

^all the above are symptoms of low

Testosterone is the driving force to help you

MAXIMUM capacity in all areas of your life

It’s true that as you age your T levels will
begin to drop

and if you don’t get these levels fixed it
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test levels

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Logan ‘Increasing Your Man Power’ Henry

All hail the DESTROYER of ‘Discipline’

Let me tell you a story:

Back when I was a young lad

Sporting oversized clothes and a classic bowl

I had a tendency to over indulge in movies

I’ll be the first to admit variety wasn’t my strong suit

I would literally watch the same ole movies over
and over again..

It drove my parents mad

Repeating every line like a talking parrot

One line in particular that always rings a
bell in the back of my head was from the
Schwarzenegger Classic:

“Kindergarden Cop”

Where Arnold goes undercover as an elementary
school teacher (talk about believable)

In one scene he tries to get the classroom in
line by shouting:

“Come on, stop whining, you kids are
soft…you lack Discipline..!”

What a way to try and calm down a bunch of 5
year old kids to comply and fix their behavior by
demanding discipline..

Kind of nuts right?

Which brings me to my next point (and how
this applies to you getting the results you want)

Achieving your goals doesn’t come down to the
fact that you lack discipline

It comes down to the fact that you haven’t
built sustainable habits

Strong Habits = Lasting Change


We all have habits

Some are good

Some are bad

but I’d have you consider that if you put all
your energy on instilling great habits that
‘discipline’ itself will become effortless

Now, how do you go about such a task..

Let me explain

Most will tell you that it take 21 days to
establish a new habit

Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you otherwise

Studies have proven that it actually takes a
person 60 days to instill unbreakable

Trust me, I was bummed to figure this out

but I can tell you from my own experience in
coaching busy guys

That staying consistent with something for at
least 60 days will pay off in a BIG way

And if you achieve greatness within 60 days

Imagine what you could pull off in 90 days

Which is the exact amount of time I will show
you how to achieve Unthinkable Results inside your body and the rest of your life in my upcoming
launch of the NEW LostFit Xperience:

A 90 day catalyst for the modern busy man to
achieve more in less time

Giving you the ability to generate strong
habits that equate to long-term, sustainable
Results that carry over in all areas of your life

I’ll leave you on this note

Where in your life do you need to stop trying
to equate discipline towards achieving your
goal and instead focus on building strong
habits that last a lifetime?

In your:

Body Relationships Career..

And your mission is to choose one habit in
any of those areas

and go after mastering just ONE for the next
60 days

Oh and for more information on the upcoming
modern man Xperience..

Go here:

Logan ‘You (don’t) lack Discipline’ Henry

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Let’s be honest here

The truth is..

Saying you’re going to do something is one

but actually doing it is another story

Happens to me all the time

I’m all about taking action..

but until you actually do, it means nothing

We all struggle with resistance everyday..

Otherwise know as


(BTW I suffer with it too-I’m only human)

It keeps people stuck in the same rut




Spinning their wills, they’ve tried this diet
or that program

Until they’ve had enough and feel like

See I really don’t care about the excuses
that people give into as of why they aren’t
in the shape they desire right now..

The reason they aren’t is very simple.

They’re truly TERRIFIED.

Guys that are successful in most aspects of
their lives




but the one thing that is the backbone to all
of the above is going by the waste side

vv Body & Health vv

Because they’re scared

Scared of uncomfortable change

Scared of what others might think

Scared of being criticized

Scared of being embarrassed

Scared of failing

Scared of the typical “I
told you so”

and you know what?

“JUST DO IT” does NOTHING to help the
situation either

(that’s usually said by people living a lie

**How to Conquer Your Fear**

Fear is an EMOTION

Behind every fear you have is exactly the
person you want to be

It’s usually caused by mass amounts of

Thinking that is a false sense of reality..

Is what your thinking actually TRUE

I GUARANTEE you it’s not

how do I know this?

because it hasn’t actually happened yet

Your stressed and scared for one simple


^^is this not true..

Telling yourself a different story

one that

keeps you where you are

in your comfort zone

**Fixing it comes down to a few key things

1) Get clear on what it is you resist (your

2) Create a plan that breaks down exactly
what it is you want (your goal)

3) figure out how your going to get there and
by what time (write an exact date and time

4) Celebrate certain progress made along your
journey- (your victorious benchmarks)

5) Turn the one thing you “should do” into
the thing you absolutely “MUST DO”

Easier said than done, right?

All the above is great info if applied every
single day,

but that’s just it

Information is NOT the issue

There isn’t a knowledge gap

It comes down to behavior

and the behavior to EXECUTE can be tough

So what’s missing…


-someone guiding you past all the BS -someone
who keeps you on point

-someone that’s there when your life gets


-someone to hold you to all the things you
said you we’re going to do

^^^true accountability ^^^

Speaking of accountability..

It’s the #1 thing that was lacking through
all of these men before entering the Elite

Here’s how:


They had enough and finally..

took ACTION and let their RESULTS speak for

So I’m here not to simply motivate you, but
to give you the tools needed to take
appropriate action

Next time you start your day, figure out the
most challenging task and knock it out first
before anything else

That’s how you access true POWER

-exercise even if for only 10 minutes

-meditate (yes, my friend, regardless of how
hippy-esque you think it might be this right
here can be the one thing that allows you to
step back, create some space, and not flip
out on everyone around you from being too
stressed or overworked)

**Key apps to download to get you started:
Headspace & Brainwaves

-be present: shut off from work and be fully
present with those you love the most

(and I guarantee that your sex life will rise to
that of EPIC proportions)

-get uncomfortable, hands down to the one way
to be fully fulfilled as a modern man and
reach next level success inside your body,
relationships and life is to get
uncomfortable on a daily basis (this is how
EXPANSION happens where you can 10x
everything inside your life)

APPLY this to everyday, even the weekends and
watch how things unfold

Rise against resistance,

Logan “What you resist, persist” Henry

PS Come to think of it, I shot a short video
on this very topic about getting what you
most want out of life

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Think you’re a loser?

So this past weekend me and the misses got to
check out a little rom com flick called:

“My Man is A Loser”

(I know, I know, romantic comedy..but hey
sometimes you gotta take one for the team,
plus I’m not going to lie this one had me


Here is the gist:

3 guys in their early 40’s are living in

2 are married


1 is your proverbial bachelor (played by none
other then Uncle Jess himself: John Stamos)

John is coined as the ‘relationship doctor’

Where regardless of what relationship the guy
is in


You name..he can fix it

That being said the other two lads were going
through some struggles within their marriages
and turned to Stamos to help out

Crazy right?

Guys that have been married for years taking
advice from Mr.single..

Needless to say he made things right

but the point of the whole movie was simple

To fix relationships of any kind

You must be willing to just…

Wait for it..


To show up as the guy who is in CONTROL of
his life

From his body to his career

to his ability to stay present amongst the
very people he loves the MOST

Most busy guys I come across think only one

“I’m there to provide”

Why yes you are..

That’s what us men do

but that’s only half the equation and is
simply not enough

You must think of the entire picture..

Imagine if you could have so much energy you
could literally show her your wild side every

Work became effortless because you now have
the focus and clarity to DOMINATE the day

(while not relying on an overdose of
caffeine to produce at your highest level)

You were able to run circles around your
little ones without tapping out early because
of how winded you got..

Truth is that’s an easy reality to have

You just have to be willing to step outside
of your comfort zone


Set high standards for your overall health
and well-being

Something these busy guys within the LostFit
family committed to a long time go and life
has never been the same

Discover how you can experience the same
greatness within your own life here:


Logan ‘Show Up’ Henry

PS If you’re serious about moving forward

and taking step towards the change you wish
to see

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you back from the results you wish to see

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