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Exhausted when you get home from work?

Hey, Logan here,

Dunno if you’ve experienced this

But a lotta guys I speak to tell me

“You know what Logan”

“I feel guilty at the end of the day because I’m so wiped out from work that I don’t feel like I have anything left to give to my family when I walk through the door”

Maybe you can relate?

Whether that’s finding the energy to play with the kids or do their homework

Have a present conversation with the woman you love

Or get those jobs done on the “honey-do list” that have been put off for weeks

I want you to know I get it…

Being married, with kids, and having a job that requires so much of you…

Can sometimes feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

So what’s the answer…

Well, think of it like this…

Ever been on a plane where they say “fit your oxygen mask first?”

The same is true in your own life

A lot of men struggle because they prioritize their work, their family, and all the “important” things in their life over themselves.

But consider that if you want to be at your best you gotta fit your own oxygen mask first.

This is why I created the Oxygen Mask Protocol for my clients.

The Oxygen Mask is 3 simple activities that my clients do first thing in the morning to set their day up for success…

So they can have energy ALL DAY instead of feeling burned out by 2 pm and be present and engaged when they walk through the door on an evening.

I’m gonna be sharing the Oxygen Mask Protocol with a few men this month

Would you like to join us?

If so, just shoot me a quick message with the word “OXYGEN” here: 


Or shoot me an email over at logan@lostfit.com with the word “OXYGEN” as the subject line and I’ll shoot you the details.

In your corner,


21 Reasons Why You May Not Be Dropping Weight (especially around the midsection)

Hey, Logan here,

Let me be clear…

It’s not that you can’t drop weight, shed belly fat or
get lean, toned, and fit at a fast pace, it’s doing it right AND making it sustainable.

So, to help you with that here are:

21 Reasons Why You May Not Be Dropping Weight (especially around the midsection)

1. You’re constantly changing things around
and not sticking to a plan (lack of consistency)

2. You’re impatient. Even if you have achieved rapid weight loss through a “quick fix”

– it’s unsustainable and you go on a roller coaster- your aim should be to lose 1lb to 2.5lbs
per week…

…maybe even 2.83lbs per week you can get away with- can you lose more?…

Of course, I’ve had clients drop much more in a given week, but IF your goal is long-term results and not some short-term quick-fix that may not last…

… I’d stick between the 1lb to 2.83lb range per week


Because it’s sustainable.

Meaning it’s results that will LAST.

And I hear ya…

“But this one thing I tried in the past I lost like 30lbs in a month”


My questions to you are:

How’d that ‘fast approach’ work for you long term?

Why didn’t the results stick?

and was that approach even enjoyable to you?

EVEN more important than ‘weight’ is inches dropped (inches dropped from the midsection, chest, sides etc)

AND liking how you LOOK AND FEEL (the way clothes fit, energy levels, confidence levels, progress photos etc)

3. You are not changing 1-2 habits at a time and taking on a huge chunk only to find it unsustainable. Prove to yourself you can do smaller things first and build up to more complex (or more habits at once)

Consider BIG results start with SMALL actions

4. You lack consistency with training and calorie intake. When both have huge variables
and no plan or consistency, you mustn’t question why you’re not getting results.

5. You take in too many calories in comparison to how many you burn (this is basic but one of the most important laws of
weight loss-it doesn’t matter if the food you are eating is quote on quote – “healthy”

5.1 you’re not eating enough calories…this is what a lot of ‘quick-fix fad’ diets preach… (the problem with this strategy is that it will result in wrecking your metabolism and hormones and will eventually get you to stall on your progress or worse..gaining back all the weight you lost and more) – plus, there’s a strong chance you won’t like the way you look when you take your shirt off with this approach

6. You don’t burn enough calories compared to how many you consume (this plays in line with #5)

7. You blame metabolism/advice/genetics before inconsistency and not eating in line with your goals.

8. You reward yourself with food rather than just enjoying opportunities to enjoy the food.

Instead of grabbing something that serves you and your goals, you grab the nearest thing that doesn’t fit your plan – this creates and reinforces binge behaviors.

9. You start using tools like thermogenic’s or crazy super low-calorie diets, Hardcore
‘Beast mode’ type training, etc… At the beginning for weeks, even longer, simple habit changes and
nutrition regulation along with ramping up simple resistance training is more than enough to see great changes.

10. You’re playing an ‘interested’ game rather than a COMMITTED game. Consider we get what we’re committed to… NOT what we’re ‘interested in.

Imagine being only “50” “60” or even “70” percent committed to an important relationship… how do you think that relationship will go?

The same thing applies to your body, health and anything else
for that matter

100% commitment = 100% results, period.

11) You’ve been convinced to believe that both carbs and fat are bad.

I’m here to tell you neither are bad…It just depends on the timing you have them. So you end up dropping
both too low, leaving you with hardly any calories or fuel to keep your metabolism going.

The question is just how much for YOU based on our lifestyle, goals, etc.

12) You keep looking for the best “fat burning program,” “fat burning supplement or “the secret fat burning diet”. There is training and there is food -how you eat and train will dictate how you drop weight and shed fat.

13) You follow a generic plan that isn’t fit for someone over 40. Your plan should be able to fit your lifestyle and work to balance out your hormones.

14) You are not accountable to anyone and keep asking yourself why you fall off from being compliant. Consider it’s easy to fail in private, but when you have someone in your corner holding you to a higher standard, that’s when the game (and your results) change for the better

15) You’re measuring outcomes, not actions.

You can’t always control outcomes because of genetics, variability, etc. but you can control the actions that lead you to the outcomes!

Focus on the things you DO on a daily vs. constantly stepping on the scale and losing track of the actions that achieve
the goal.

Consider it’s your consistency to executing the right ACTIONS daily that will equate to your results in the end.

16) Not having a support group and positive environment. Consider your environment is everything along with the people that surround you and support you (or in many cases, you’re surrounded by people that DON’T support you – all the above will be hard to overcome in that type of environment).

17) You drink your calories. Most will drop weight if they cut down on the soda and especially the booze.

Don’t get it twisted…

I’m not saying you have to live like a monk…but you’ve got to be mindful of the liquid you’re consuming…

At least if you want a physical appearance that turns heads and the energy and sex drive you had in your early 20’s

18)You’re guessing on what to do and you lack true clarity on the right plan of action to take.

Consider guessing is one of the most costly behaviors you can have.

See, without clarity, you lack certainty.

And without certainty, you can pretty much kiss your goals goodbye.

19) You’re lacking QUALITY sleep and don’t have any systems in place to ensure you get a full night’s rest

Less quality sleep = More Weight Gain and More Energy Drain (and less mental clarity and focus…no bueno)

20) You’re not managing your stress levels (if your stress levels are through the roof then so are your cortisol levels…and high bouts of cortisol will basically make it nearly impossible to drop weight, especially from the belly)

21) You keep thinking about it…and telling yourself ‘tomorrow’ …but don’t ever start

My advice?

Start NOW.


Consider doing anything. (maybe even this here)

Regardless of what you choose to do.

Consider something is better than nothing.

In your corner,


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Spending most weekends trying to catch up on sleep?

Hey, Logan here,

I was speaking to an awesome guy the other
who said:

“Logan, I’m tired of spending half of my
weekend catching up on sleep instead of…

…spending time with my family

…doing things I enjoying doing outside of

…getting extra projects done around the house

And actually enjoying some downtime.

It always feels like I’m burning the candle
at both ends and I never have any time to

I don’t know if you’ve experienced this…

But a lot of busy guys are burning the candle
at both ends.

They’re getting up early and getting to the

Slamming back as much caffeine as they can
just to get through the day

Then by the time they get home with what
little energy they do have left they tend to
their families and have dinner

Only to find that after dinner they end up trying to decompress for a couple of hours by watching tv and having a drink or sweet snack just to take the edge off from the day.

Before they know it they’re being woken up in the middle of the night because they’ve fallen asleep on the couch again.

Most guys struggle with this and find themselves using the weekend to catch up on
sleep because they’re burning the candle at both ends.

In order to counteract this, you’ve got to be willing to stop constantly going full
throttle and start ensuring you’re taking time to refuel your own tanks.

Most guys actually find that after doing this just for a few days end up with more energy and more productivity.

And they’re usually getting more done in less

Think of it like this…

If you’re an F1 driver, there’s no way that you can just constantly go full throttle around the track and not take at least one
pit stop.

Not only would your tires burn out

Your engine would overheat

But you’d probably be worn out in the process.


I don’t know if you’d be interested or not?

But if you’d like to go from spending your weekend in bed catching up on sleep and instead….

…have the energy to enjoy your weekends to
spend quality time with your family

…maybe go out on a nice date night with your
significant other

And be able to have a couple of beers and watch the game without falling asleep on the sofa…

Then shoot me a message with the word: “Weekend Energy” here: 


OR go here:


In your corner,

Vertical on the couch the moment you get home?

Hey, Logan here,

Dunno if you’ve experienced this…

But I was chatting with a client of mine the other day and he

“I was burning the candle at both ends in my professional life that left very little time for my personal life…

…I had no energy throughout the day and was burned out by 2:15 in the afternoon

By the time I would get home in the evenings…

I would find myself laying on the couch and then falling asleep on the couch

I’d get home from work and my kids would want to play, shoot hoops in the driveway, kick a
soccer ball in the grass, throw a football and I just flat out didn’t have the energy for it…

I was too tired to sit up and even play a board game with them

They were willing to meet me where I was, I just didn’t have the energy to meet them back…

Much less, should a work-related dinner pop up in the evening … I would do almost anything I could to avoid those kinds of
extra-curricular activities in the evening because I was just so gassed.”

Maybe you can relate?

But this is a common theme I see amongst most high-performing men over 40.

But I totally get why it can be hard.

After a long day of being switched “ON” to be the best possible boss and leader at work…

…then fueling up on caffeine or convenience food just to keep alert

It can be exhausting by the end of the day.

Possibly like how I felt after I overindulged during my birthday last month.

Now, I’m all about having fun

In fact, I had an amazing time with family.

We had all the goods lined up to eat…

Pizza, Wings, and my absolute favorite, red velvet cake…

Let’s just say, I enjoyed myself 🙂

But it got me thinking…

Sure, I had a great time indulging a bit

But I woke up the next morning feeling groggy, bloated, and by the afternoon felt like I needed a nap just to push through

By the time the early evening hit…

I was tapped out.

My wife wanted my attention and all I wanted to was just chill out on the couch and be left to my own devices so I could hopefully feel fresh the next day.

The majority of the guys I work with experience this daily…

They’ll grab something like a quick biscuit or bagel for breakfast…

…then maybe grab a burger and fries for lunch

Then their wife may cook them a hardy meal for dinner only to finish it off with a few
cocktails or beers for dessert just to take the edge off after a long day of work.

But in my experience fueling a body like this is a sure-fire way to…

… wake up in the morning feeling groggy and out of sorts

…needing multiple hits of caffeine to get to the afternoon only to feel like you need a catnap just to push through to the end of the day

And by the time the end of the day hits, there’s just zero energy left to give.

Think of it like this…

If someone were to take a high performing sports car that required high octane fuel

And they decided to put in crappy fuel

It would be very hard for the car to perform at its highest level

The same thing applies to your body.

Premium Fuel= Premium Performance

Crappy Fuel= Crappy Performance

You see,

How we treat and fuel our bodies on a daily basis will dictate how we show up and perform.

Make sense?



I don’t know if having all day long energy, even into the evening is something you’d be interested or not?

But if it is,

I’m going to be putting a few determined businessmen
over 40 together here soon…

In 12 Short Weeks, we’re going to get rid of tiredness, for good…

…so they can reclaim 2+ hours in their day & get back the energy of their early 20’s & sustain it all day long

…put an end to the 2 pm crash and having to fuel their day with caffeine

…and easily drop up to 12-34lbs in the process

It doesn’t require sacrificing your schedule, going to the gym, or taking over your entire life to pull it off.

Would you be interested in joining us?

If so, just shoot me a quick message with the word “Boost” here:


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In your corner,


The ONE thing you need to stop doing (if you ever want results)

“Avoiding discomfort creates a life of discomfort because in the end you never get what you really want..and you just end up settling for less..”

You might be avoiding the discomfort of getting into shape.

Saying things like…

“I just can’t change my body”

“I just don’t have the time”

“It might work for everyone else but not me”

“I’m scared of what people might think if I change”

I hear it all the time from people I like to refer to as “Reasoners”

All the reasons as to why they can’t achieve what it is their after

See, like your business or career…

Your Relationships

Your Energy to Keep Up With those around you

Your BODY does not lie.

You notice it, everyone else notices it.

Your body, like your success in everything else comes down to your current REALITY…

This is why most choose to hide it and cover it up.

With sedation.

With laughter.

With anger.

With sex.

With drugs.

With work.

With alcohol.

When deep down…

They’ve truly had enough.

Do they want to change… No.

See, it’s easier to stay exactly as you are…




This may sound harsh.

But bottom line… it’s the truth.

I’m all about optimism and think effort has it’s merits but…

“What could be better, is as good as broken”

The truth might hurt, but it will damn sure set you free.

I like YOU…

Have been through the struggles many times before and I’m sure I’ve got more coming my way.

But, regardless of what’s happened to me before or what’s ahead of me, there’s one thing certain I know that won’t help…

Making Excuses.


Blaming others for things that have happened to me.

Because when it comes down to it… the only person that can make the difference in our lives is us…

I feel your pain.

I’m putting in the work everyday to better myself across all areas of life.

Because getting what you want

“Is not about what you have to do…It’s about who you have to become”

Is it easy? No.

But, just like everything else great you’ve achieved in your life nothing comes easy that’s worth having.

So today I ask you this my friend.

Where inside your world are you avoiding discomfort?

When you know the very thing your resisting will be the one thing you need to accomplish your goals.

And your mission is this…

Pick one thing you’ve been avoiding and just go after it.

Don’t wait for the “perfect plan.”

Don’t ponder the thought.

Just GO.

Logan ‘Just Go’ Henry

Super-Fast Fat Loss Workout (no equipment needed)

Come on.. JUST DO IT

Easier said than done for most..

As a busy professional myself, I can relate with everyone on the fact that time is crucial when it comes to getting anything done..

Especially, when it comes to getting in shape.

Your mind is going in all different directions and the thought of even heading to the gym just isn’t there.

You need something that’s both efficient and effective

Something I refer to as   “quick, yet dirty.”

You don’t have to spend countless hours in the gym to get back in great shape

Execute what’s needed to initiate consistent change and accelerate your  results.

The key is to pick up your overall density within a workout

Density is done by increasing the overall workload within your workout in a very short duration of time

Let me explain

Let’s just say this week is going to be crazy busy for you though as always and there’s just  no possible way for you to hit the weights…

Not a problem.

Below, I give you something you can do outside within the concrete jungle or any terrain that fits your liking.

The Fastest Fat Burning Workout:











This has you keeping things quick and simple

If you are having trouble completing all five rounds, just ease into things and set one goal each time to progress one step further than before

Till next time my friend,

Logan Henry

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step further…

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