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Keep calm and eat THIS

One Bite at a time…’

Talking about results here my man (stay with me here)

^Bringing me back to a great conversation I
had a few weeks back with lfit elite member sir Craig
Foster about building habits and
accomplishing your ultimate goals

Becoming the best in what ever goal you’re

Your Body

Your Relationships

Your Career

is a by product of putting your greatest
effort in

day in and day out

Nothing more, Nothing Less

In terms of those who know baseball

Swinging Singles is a lot better than trying
to hit big ass home runs every day..

If you try to do more, you will BURN out
pretty quickly

Don’t do enough…

and you will begin to get frustrated with
yourself as to why you’re not seeing the
results you would like

There will be days that Rock

There will be days that Suck

Regardless of what day it is

How you FEEL

Refuse to give up

Get after it even when no one is looking

Let go of any self-doubt

and take HOLD

of what you truly want

Do your best today


DON’T compare yourself to others


Continue to EXPAND, grow, and level-up
towards the person you ultimately want to be

and when you least expect it..

Your new BEST will be something beyond what
you ever thought was possible

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