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You make NO sense

“I was always like..What
is this guy even talking about…?

Now I get it..”

^response from lfit elite member Craig Foster
who’s breaking down records and dropping more
poundages each week

(more on his awesomeness later)

Craig sees the POWER in actually having a
strong enough WHY

Sure, It took him following me for quite some time


finally taking the next step in joining the lfit family to understand this

but he knows now

and that’s why he’s
staying on point with his progression
week after week

See, It’s easy to look at some fit guy


Some guy with abs your better half spotted in
her favorite tv drama

and say to yourself

‘That’s my goal…’

but that’s not enough

Why do you want it?

Note: having abs might be far from your
goal, but I’m using hypotheticals here so
stay with me hombre

Where was I..

O yeah..

why do you want it?

I told you elite member Elliot Summey’s major
why a couple weeks back..

To have the health to be around for his kids

To show up for his wife by having more energy

To dominate at work and never have that
sluggish feeling again…

Guess what..?

Within 3 weeks time

He’s surpassed all of that

Clothes Fitting Better

Energy is through the Roof

Playtime with family is better then ever

Not to mention he’s dropped 12 pounds


Over 5 percent body fat as well..

All this by getting down to his ultimate why

and by him staying committed and developing
small habits each week..

So I ask you this my friend

What goal are you ultimately committed to

and Why?

Think about it and then get back to me here:


Fill this out and we can talk more

This here:

Logan ‘Making Sense’ Henry

PS In life the goals we don’t hit are the
ones we never really wanted in the first place


the true key for you to get results

and actually keep them…

Is revealed in this video here:




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