This was it - LostFit

This was it

By far..

The biggest take away I had from my trip to Austin

besides it’s very unique (but awesome) culture




Starting from day one, knowledge bombs
(priceless information) on leveling up in..

ALL areas of life was a profound message
throughout this entire journey..

Beyond just coaching and training knowledge..

People were challenged to get truly clear on
what their core mission was in life..

This had me searching deep within throughout
the entire weekend..

Getting a clear vision on what I’m truly

It hit me..

My ultimate mission is to guide people to a
more fulfilled life..

UPGRADING you on all levels of life

What do I mean…?

I want to get deeper at the core of results..

For Body it’s simple

Take you from your lowest state:

-Not Confident




-Low energy levels

-Negative Mindset


Intimidately Confident (family, friends,
colleagues will notice a complete 180)

More Define and Lean

Maximized Energy Levels

Improved Relationships

^^All of the above are just a mere byproduct
of having a better body..

You must start from a shift within

Mindset to upgrade in


Business or Career


This message was carried over by some truly
influential people..

(who I will forever be grateful from learning

To have a higher purpose is the key to
leveling up in life..

and the key to you leveling up


Being surrounded by those who will always
hold you to a higher standard

to be a better man then you were yesterday

Where do people like this exist

My first guess would be inside here:

Logan ‘Get Clear’ Henry

PS- If you feel you’re in a state of
uncertainty and you are tired of just being
content in your life

Click Below to apply for an exploration call so
we can have a conversation to get you over
the edge and finally have the results you’re
looking for

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