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3 reasons why you’re a quitter (and can’t stick to a plan)

May sound harsh..but, there’s a point (and a lesson) to this.

See, there’s a problem spreading about that needs to be stopped.

Over the years I’ve helped coach tons of busy guys to finally show up and unleash their best selves.

But, sometimes they seem to forget WHY they started their transformation journey to change in the first place.

Keep in mind these guys live life in the fast lane.

They aren’t just kicking back doing nothing
and sipping on old fashions all day.

So the typical…

“I’m too busy” response doesn’t cut it.

Because they were busy even when they first started their journey of change.

So why is it, that people, maybe even you…can’t stick to the initial plan.

3 Reasons Why You’re A Quitter (And Can’t Stick to A Plan)

1.) Initial Expectations:

Now when I invite someone into an exploration session with me.

I am transparent and clear as to what will happen if they stay committed to the program at hand and do what they said they would do.

But outside of my coaching realm (where the quick-fix addicts run wild)

There isn’t enough adherence that instills lasting change in someone.

Most simply rely on motivation.

The problem is motivation is only ONE key element of change, but once that motivation drops.


Just like that…implementation stops.

2.) Readiness to Change

Most people think they’re ready to ‘make things happen.’

But in reality, they’re really not.

They lie to themselves.

And end up investing in a service or product to which they think

‘Well, I’m paying money for it…’

Yet they aren’t actually showing up to do the work that’s required to make that change possible.

You can continue to throw money at the problem, but if you’re not ruthlessly committed to yourself, don’t expect to change.

3.) Not realizing the REAL cost behind the
change they wish to see.

When it comes down to it…

Most of the guys I come across that finally decide to open up and reveal the truth.

Tell me what they really want.


*Having a marriage or relationship that’s on another level filled with passion, connection, happiness & fulfilling intimacy – instead of just “tolerating” each other, or simply settling with a ‘good marriage’ – and not a great one.

*Being a present, loving, connected father to your children – instead of feeling guilty about being ‘too busy’ to be there for them.

*Having an optimized body to take on every day with full power. One you feel confident, powerful & healthy in.

*To remain attractive to their significant others and actually be able to perform within the bedroom without tiring out too quickly which inevitably will just leave her unsatisfied.

*To be known and seen as the hero of self-worth to their kids and colleagues. Someone who’s in control and can lead by example.

That’s the real reasons behind the ‘feel better/be healthier’ response.

And, is much more of a driving factor to make it through their transformation journey no matter what obstacles may come their way.

So there you have it my friend.

You’re not setting real expectations.

You’re really just not ready to change yet.

You’re not putting forth the right behaviors needed to create lasting change.

If any of this resonated with you…

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Logan Henry, Founder & Lead Transformation Coach, LostFit

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