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Why you should stop this now…

…If you ever want to reach where you want
to go

Let me explain:

A problem that I see most men (or anyone for
that matter) make

Is they continue to think if they do what
might have worked in the past

or worked for someone close to them

That they’ll somehow reach the results they

But they never do..

“If you do what you’ve always done, you will
always get what you always got”

Little insight from the late great Einstein

If you keep doing the same thing over and

You, my friend are on the brink of insanity.

If you want to more in any area of life.

You’re going to have to do more.

What gets your from good to great.

Will NOT get you from great to extraordinary.

This is where having ACCESS is critical to
your success

Unless you’re given new strategies, tools,
and tactics that will change the way you
operate from day to day.

You will remain in limbo and stay stuck for quite
some time.

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When you have access, the possibilities are

You aren’t just given pieces to the puzzle

You’re given the whole lot.

Everything that will take you from where
you’re at right now, to where you want to go

And have you THRIVE in all areas of your life.

This isn’t some cookie cutter program that’s
one size fits all.

Though you’re supported by a group of men
that will support you along the way.

Everyone starts from where they’re at and
everyone still has an individualized plan
that best fits them and their lifestyle.

See, everyone is different and not everyone
can just jump straight in to something and
master it…

And I don’t expect them to.

That’s why I will always recommend choosing
ONE thing to master.

Before trying to implement twenty different
things all at once and never really equate to
much of anything…

One thing that holds true for all the guys
that succeed through the LostFit coaching

They finally gave up looking for the

Knowing that if they stopped hopping from
program to program.

And committed to just one plan specifically
designed for them…

They would finally achieve the results
they’ve been longing for…

Choosing outside of working harder and
actually starting to work SMARTER

The most POWERFUL too they have under their

To achieve maximum fat loss and ACCELERATE
their results.

Is it some ‘magic’ plan..?


It’s staying accountable.

Every single week everybody within the
LostFit Elite Brotherhood is held accountable to
their own individual goals.

Uncovering 2 CRUCIAL steps for success.

1) Having a specific PLAN mapped for you and
constant feedback to make sure you know how
you’re progressing and to switch things up if
a plateau is to occur.

2) You have specific plan to hold you
accountable too..rather than just a couple of
tips you saw online or heard from a
friend..who let’s be honest..probably doesn’t
have enough results to actually, be giving you

I’m all about small changes.

But the reality is that the men that I see with the greatest results…

Always give 110% to everything.

When they give this much effort.

They don’t need to tell the world what
they’re doing…

Because the RESULTS speak loud enough for

If you’re ready to be held accountable for
your actions so you can reap the results for

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Logan ‘All Access’ Henry

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