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It’s not what you think

“I’ve been studying different books, literally loading
up on so much information about
training and nutrition through different
books, blogs, sites, etc..

but I have to ask you.. what’s the number one thing
you recommend to do to get rid of this gut..?

^Excellent question I got this past week from
a frequent gym goer..

Which I did write up a solution inside here:

putting in the efforts on his own, but he’s
not reaping much in terms of results


He’s asking the wrong question..

See, you don’t need more information or some
‘magic’ bullet

I’m of course happy to guide someone with
information to push them forward in their
transformation journey..

However It has nothing to do with a knowledge

Information is literally every where..

but one thing that is crucial that simply
people tend to forget is

Information doesn’t equal TRANSFORMATION my

What do I mean by this..?


You can read all about how to workout

You can read all about how to diet properly

You can read all about how to recover

but if you don’t do what’s required to get

Then you will forever remain stuck

Summing things up for comes down to


See Knowledge is Power…

but Knowledge without execution is poverty my

He’s overwhelmed and in over his head…

So how do you over come this and get exactly
what you want?

START with small incremental goals

Ditch the annual mindset

Start with twelves

12 week terms that is..


Because it’s short enough for you to master
your goals and not to long where you’ll fall
off the wagon..

No room to be flippy floppy


Say “I’ll do some here and there”

Check this out:

Ex: lose 10 pounds in 30 days

Let’s break it down into shorter terms

=2.5 pounds per week–>rounded to a total of
30 days

Now it comes to the POWER OF 4

What 4 CRITICAL things do you need to do this
week to get closer to that 30 day benchmark?

Here’s the Exact Key 4 that the guys in the
LostFit Elite are doing

1-Eat a balanced nutrition plan fit for YOUR
lifestyle up to 5 days a week

2-Train in an Elite Group (usually 2 per
training) using weights (3X a week)—with
added framework to help excel past plateaus
and keep progression going

3- Sleep an average of 6-7 hours per night
(this one might take the REIGN of all 4)

4- 1 to 2 conditioning trainings (20-30
minutes max)

Don’t over analyze it

Keep things simple.

STOP the procrastination

STOP the “I’ll do it when I have time”

STOP collecting

START doing…

all the CRITICAL things that others aren’t
willing to do

Like this:

Logan “The Big 4” Henry





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