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And this is WHY you Fail (and I do too)

Ever come to a point in time where you can’t
seem to follow through with anything?

(I sure know I have)

So today I’m going to present you with a
little show

and tell you exactly why we do this to

This past week I had some real breakthroughs
with a couple of coaching clients

but those breakthroughs didn’t come until we
figured out why they just don’t do the things
they should be doing

Figured I’d give you a sneak peek so you can
figure out what you need to be doing to get
what you want

Plus, if you’re reading this now


Have been tuning into my daily posts for quite some time now..

I know you’re the type of person that wants a
little more out of life and you’re striving to be a better
version of you

So here goes..

The 5 Most Important Questions you need to
figure out before you set path towards any
goal (especially if it comes to changing your

1) Where are you at right now?

Be honest with yourself


‘I’m fine’


‘I’m OK with the way things are…’

are simply just cop outs to you actually
facing your own reality

Get real on where you’re at

-Clothes don’t fit like they used to..

-Afraid your health is impacting other
important areas of your life (relationships,
family, work..)

That’s getting real

2) What do you want?

Saying you want to shed a few pounds of fat
to be healthier is all good and well..

However, it’s not enough

You want to be healthier..


Which leads into my next question for you..

3) Why do you want to be healthier?

**So you can stick around for a long time with
those you care for the most in your life?

**So you can finally get the attention you
used to from your better half and stop
worrying that she might leave you for someone
who lives a more active lifestyle?

**So you can have the energy to come home from
a long day at work and still have some left
in the tank to spend more time with loved

^^Those my friend are POWERFUL why’s that
have a much deeper meaning behind just
wanting to get ‘healthier’

4) How badly do you want it?

We live in a world with plenty of wants..but
not enough desire to actually go after those

So, I’ll ask you again

How bad? 1-10

How STRONG is your why?

Under 9 or 10..

You need to go back to the drawing board to
get clear on why you really want it

Insight: What happens if you let things stay
as they are…?

I’ve been to a place myself where the goals I
wanted didn’t mean that much to me

and I promise you

If your goals don’t mean that much to you..

You will end up finding a reason to back out
the moment struggles hit

Last, but not least

5) What plan of action do you need to get
there (and are you actually committed to
following the plan to your best ability..?)

People tend to just go through the motions
and never have any real set plan to get to
their destination

Not only that

If they do have a perfect plan given to them

They might not be honest with how much effort
they’re actually going to put into the plan..

It comes down to this

Am I actually giving it my all?


Am I just doing a couple things here or

Now, maybe you do have a strong enough WHY

but just need the guidance and a plan of
attack to actually get it done

If that’s you, go here

and I’ll lay out an exact plan for you to get


You might just simply be going after a goal
that isn’t true to you and just need more

If that sounds more like you click here

In closing:

The goals I don’t end up hitting in life are
just the ones I really didn’t care that much
about to begin with


I’m just not willing to do the work required
to actually reach that goal

Think it over my friend




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