About that comment you made the other day.. - LostFit

About that comment you made the other day..

‘Shaun Payne is literally the perfect example
of “You can do anything you put your mind to”
He continuously amazes me..’

^ a touching comment by the wife of LFit
Elite Family Member Shaun Payne after I
posted this Here:


I told her I couldn’t agree more

The Man is seriously


Now, I’m not going to go deep on his story

As I will let him do that in an upcoming

For now I want to focus on the whole

‘Doing anything he puts his mind to’ mantra

Shaun started in a place where most busy guys
I come across start from:



Unhappy with the direction his health was

and the impact all of this had on those he
cared for the most in his life

See, Shaun wasn’t out seeking

‘The perfect (dad) Bod’


‘A firm six pack’


Those things developed as a byproduct of him
doing the work

and stay committed throughout his entire
transformation journey

He had much bigger goals in mind to

Having a successful career

Having a loving wife


Being a wonderful father of 2

Life never really slowed down for him

Yet, he still managed to maintain that the
unstoppable mindset that

Anything is POSSIBLE

Of course times got tough (as it does for
all of us)

but from the very beginning I could sense in
my gut that this man had seriously had enough
and was ready to commit to himself

He didn’t say the typical things I hear from
most guys like:

‘I just don’t have the time’ (neither did
Shaun, he made the time)

‘I can’t afford to right now’ (he couldn’t afford not
to, he was thinking longterm)

‘I can’t escape the stress at work’ (neither
could he)

Basically, justifying and blaming anything

and everyone but themselves for their current


When you finally have the Courage to OWN up


take full BLAME for your current reality

You will ultimately realize that it’s YOU
that can change it

It’s YOU who can choose to exercise

It’s YOU who can start eating better

It’s YOU who can seek out help

Its YOU who can finally show up as a better


By taking control of your BELIEFS

and the continuos stories you keep telling
yourself and others as to why

‘You’re different’

And that’s exactly what Shaun did my friend…and it’s why I created LostFit for busy guys who were tired of feeling



Fed Up with the way things have gotten with their bodies and overall health

Logan ‘Believe you Can’ Henry

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