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It’s FINALLY here

Today is October 21st

and you know what that means..

The day Marty McFly


“Doc” Brown invade the future

Crazy to think 30 years ago

‘Back to the Future 2’ came out

which basically means

The Future in Now…creepy

but hey out of all their guestimations on
exactly how 2015 would be

They were right about 3D movies

& Fingerprint technology..

yet we’re all still waiting on the self tie

but hey kudos to them for trying


Being that it’s the future

I’m going to switch things upon you

and take you backeth in time..

Back when I began LostFit (don’t worry this
isn’t me tooting my own horn, it’s actually
about you)

See, I knew that coaching and fitness were my
passion, yet it terrified me to even thin
about venturing on my own to do something

I had all of these gut wrenching feelings

‘What will others think’


‘What if I fail’

The same thoughts that paralyze most from
ever getting started on something they deep
down wish to do..

How bout this one here..

‘I need to get things perfect first’

Sound familiar?

It’s the same thoughts I hear from busy guys
I speak to

My favorite is

‘I need to get in shape first before I
actually embark within a committed program

I understand the logic behind it, but it’s

See, waiting is basically what I like to call

‘War Gaming It’

You go back and forth

In a battle against yourself

Always waiting

but never DOING

Just like I had the battles within myself
about starting something that was bigger than
me and that would impact the lives of others

Sure I went through the shit times getting
things started

but as a great mentor of mine once told me

“You must first embrace the suck, before you
can ever succeed”

^remember that next time you think you have
to a certain way or that timing needs to be

Ditch that mindset

and you will blow yourself away on just how
much you are capable of

Don’t wait, Just DO

Something every busy guy within the LFit
arena finally embraced

Didn’t wait

They just took the next step

Inside here:

Logan ‘Your future in Now’ Henry

PS Nothing here today, accept if you haven’t
watched back to the future yet mi
yourself a favor

and go binge the full trilogy on netflix for
a few days

You’ll be glad you did 🙂

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