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What have I done to deserve this?

I know you’ve had them yourself

They seem to wreck your entire day

When everything seems to go wrong

and you think..

Why does this crap always happen to me?

Well today I’m going to take you on a bit of journey

A “TIME HOP” per say

Where me and the better half celebrated our anniversary
earlier this year

and some things didn’t go quite as planned

Here’s the quick run down for you amigo

It was incredible..

Bizarre African Decor (made me feel like King
of my own Jungle)

Endless Wine And Crackers<—BALANCE is key
my friend

A Breakfast of Epic Proportions (only thing
missing was a giant UNCLE BUCK pancake)

O and did I mention..

We we’re given our very own Leopard Print
Robes (pure awesome-sauce)

^^Beats the average hotel

Once settled in, we decided to explore the

Figured we would hitch a ride from the local
shuttle service

Sounds like a great idea, right?


They showed up an hour late

Lied to us about accepting cards

Smelled repulsive (a wee bit like cat piss)

^ The outtake from all of this..


What happened? Our shuttle service was
horrible and could have ruined our entire

Why is that positive?

We ended up getting the best seats in the
house at a five star restaurant (ate like
champions-thanks to a dude named Jimmy) and..

we hitched a ride back with the services of
UBER with a super friendly french guy named

What’s the lesson?

Any bad experience that
happens to you there’s no reason just to quit
or surrender. Normally the better experience
is just around the corner.


I’m not saying just be positive all the time
because that’s not reality

We all face tough times

But think in terms of positive focus as fuel

fuel used to help you towards

A better Body

A better Mindset

A better Life

^3 key areas that the warrior men inside the LostFit arena are conquering every day

All once stuck in a rut

All once uncomfortable with everlasting change

All once lost on how they would get to where they
wanted to go

Now they step into the arena daily to make
great change in their lives for the better

With people just like them who have faced the
same lows and are ready to experience the
great highs in their bodies and all areas of

An experience that has them connecting
between each other and pushing past their own limitations

It is all about PROGRESSION and making vast

but the Modern Men in LostFit
also experience some fun

fun we embark on to keeps RESULTS coming and
keep things INTERESTING

Every week is a new challenge

Always keeping them on their toes

and getting them to show up better then the person
they were yesterday

Performing at MAXIMUM capacity in all areas of their life

As for you..

next time something bad happens to you

I ask you one simple question

What good can come from the current situation?



Logan “leopard robe wearing” Henry


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