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What NOT To Do

Lend me your ears for a sec my man

Recently, I had a conversation with a guy
about the frustration he’s faced the last
couple of years trying to get back on track
with his overall health


P90x (phase 1, phase 2)



You name it he’s been through it all

Out of all these outlets..

NONE of them ever gave him what he actually


Not only physically, but mentally as well

-Showing up More active, attractive, and
energized for his wife

-Having a more confident, powerful presence
amongst the work place

-Becoming the guy who avoids living by the
status quo that ‘getting a gut’ is just a
part of life

And on top of that he was only told to JUST

Sound familiar?

He even told me his neighbors (some fitness

Set up some home gym in their garage

and are convinced that they know the path to

Funny thing is they’ve been going at it for
months now and still

look EXACTLY the same:


Gut hanging out



(good thing he didn’t drink their kool-aid)  

I see it all the time with 98% of the BS in
this so called ‘health and fitness’ industry

False promises to facilitate huge excitement
into individuals

Only to turn around and trick them in to crap
that doesn’t actually work

I’m sure you’ve been here once or twice
before my good friend..

Maybe you think to yourself

‘I just need the ‘right’ diet’ and I’ll be

This is exactly where the problem lies my
friend in the things I hear especially from

‘I just need help with my diet’

Yes and NO..

The diet can’t be cookie cutter..

and if it it is

It will NOT last

and it will NEVER be sustainable

However the diet usually isn’t the issue

It’s combining everything into your specific
body profile

For YOUR specific goals..

Mindset (this is critical to fix before you
get any results)





Focus 4<–this is what goes beyond training
and makes

you truly POWERFUL

Thats why just going for a mundane training

Then trying to skimp out on some cheap
‘cutting edge’ diet plan is doing more harm
then good


It’s exactly the BS that each member within
the LostFit Elite has become numb to

and are finally piecing the ENTIRE puzzle

simply by doing this here: http://lostfit.com/lfx


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