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They screwed up..Big Time

Everyone loves a good challenge

Especially when the stakes are high

And for my man Dusty Garus

being the big boss man he is at his company

He’s got one heck of feat ahead of him

See, each year they have one of those
‘Biggest Loser’ competitions

You know

Where each employee finally has the incentive
to get up off the couch and start shedding
some poundages

Needless to say

Dusty is a head of the pack

but for the first few weeks of the challenge

Some of the guys at his work were already trying to
claim victory

Turns out

They messed up big time


Let me explain

They tried just as they’ve done before and others
before them (Dusty for 2 straight years)

To hit a big ass home run

and get radical results in a stupid short period of

With crazy things like:

-Starving themselves

-Doing endless amounts of cardio


-Avoiding too much ‘weight lifting’

It’s understandable

As these guys are only doing what they know

but they’re in for a rude awakening

As they have this thought in their heads that
they can short cut their way to victory

It’s the same guys that I come across who say
to me things like:

‘What about the people from the Biggest
Loser…they lose like 30 pounds in a week’

Yeah well

If you were living on some isolated ranch out
in Utah

Being watched 24 hours a day

Being trained 6 hours a day

Being bought only specific foods with no
temptations to throw you off track

and to top it all off

You get your head bashed in by Jillian
Michaels on a daily basis

Then yeah that argument might hold merit

News Flash My Man: YOU don’t

You live a busy life, where work and loved
ones always come first

and you’re left with the scraps

So that argument is completely irrelevant

Oh and just to be clear how unhealthy these
contestants are after the show

Check out what happens to them afterwards

Most not only gain that weight back

but some are larger then when they started and are
left with major health problems

Case in Point:

When you try to take shortcuts in life

You will pay for it later

True Results = Sustainability

If you don’t have that

You have nothing

Do things right the first time

And you will reign victorious forever

get your lasting results while you still can
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Logan ‘Challenge Accepted’ Henry


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