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So a couple days back I ended up pulling a late

Why you might ask..?

Well it has been one hell of a long week

and I needed to create some space with a good

So me and the better half stayed up late
watching the hilarious Bill Burr..

Seriously, if you haven’t watched this mans
latest special on Netflix..go catch it now

(warning: its not for the easily offended)

Back to my late night..

We didn’t end up getting to bed till close to
1 in the morning..

and I didn’t actually fall asleep till
probably 2..(constant chaos rattling away in
my mind)

I know, I know

doesn’t seem that late

However, I had to wake up at the crack of
dawn (5am to be more precise)

Tons of biz niz stuff to get done

Plus, as I’ve mentioned before I MUST start
my day with POWER



Self Study

ALL the above before my day officially gets

and of course as always when I am tired..

(which I’m sure you
find this happens to you as well)

The excuses begin to overload in your brain
as a ‘justification’

to the fact that you’re too tired

This is inevitable if you’re

Run down




The excuses will run wild on YOU

and same goes for me

The excuses I had when that alarm went off
were literally piling up in my head..

Literally giving me an out as why I don’t
need to get up

and that I can just sleep in

and skip the whole ‘morning routine of power’

Fact is this issue will never STOP

and what makes it even worse…

Is that society and those closest to us

Give us permission to show up with so many
REASONS as to why we don’t have to do

Instead of just focusing on what’s better for


You’ve heard it before..

‘You’re fine, missing one day won’t hurt you’


‘You were up late, you’re tired and you need
to rest’

Its ok to not get in your workout

Its ok to skip your morning routine

Its ok to get off track of your diet

Its ok not to work as hard

Plenty of ways to justify how you’re feeling

Problem is my friend



and so do MINE

Mine are right up there with yours

My mind creates the same justifications

The same stories time and time again

Now in all reality

Most goals we seem to initially COMMIT upon

Are always thinking in terms of the perfect

Losing weight

Dropping Fat

Reaching your best body ever

to have

More Energy

More Sex

More Confidence

and of course

to FEEL better

Are the always the spark that get you excited
in the first place

Until reality hits you right in the face

Realizing that you actually have to do the
work to get the outcome you ultimately want

See commitments are always top priority when
your conditions seem perfect

but on the other hand your commitments begin
to lower when the conditions get a little

and being exhausted is the first ideal
scenario of when conditions take the ultimate
turn for the worst

and most begin to parish at this point

Unless you are outright committed to holding
your word on what you say you would do

The BS stories in your head will never stop

but you are the master of your own decisions


The only thing thats going to give you power
to combat these excuses

Is to be..

COMMITTED to doing what you said you would do

Regardless of how you may feel

because your feelings are like the boy who
cried wolf

They’re LIARS

Somedays you will be on fire

Other days you will feel like not even
getting out of bed

but if you base your goals always on how you

You will never equate to the success you want
in any area of your LIFE (body included)

Its just like the busy working peeps within the
LostFit elite coaching arena

They know that some days will be off

but they will never surrender to the BS
stories that they’re minds continue to create

because they are ruthlessly committed to
getting the results they’re after

Which is the ONLY

I repeat the only way

You get what you want

No magic bullet or quick fix

No one will do it for YOU

ONLY you can create your outcomes

and the simple way to give you the path for
that is exactly right in here:

Logan ‘My excuses blow’ Henry


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