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Only you can know this

Morning bliss has occurred.. I’m at an all
time high right now

Maybe it’s from..

The crack like coffee I’m having from


that I had the most insightful conversation

new LostFit elite member David H.

Could be both, but check this..

The shield that holds you back..

-Shedding the pounds

-Having more confidence

-Better intimacy with your partner

-Doubling  your energy levels

-Finally showing up as the most POWERFUL version

of YOU in ALL areas of your life

Not only for yourself, but the ones you love
the MOST

Just a few things that lie deep behind the
meaning of change

Your goal and what you ultimately want to ACCOMPLISH..

might be far different from another
individuals goal

but the ONE thing that will always hold
true for everyone including you my friend is..

Your WHY

As I spoke with David the other day getting
back in shape wasn’t about vanity


any other surface goal that like ‘getting
toned or leaner’

He set his sights on something different

Something deeper, more meaningful

His why must have been strong to reschedule a
business trip to meet early in the

Your damn right it was

His why was fully apparent

He mentioned:

“I have no visual image in mind, to me it’s
about showing up more fit, sleeping better,
and being the man I need to be for my wife
and our future child”

Hands down I knew he was the perfect fit for
the group

Looking past the quick fix and the road of

I know no matter what happens throughout his
transformation journey

Whatever obstacle he might face

Whatever stresses might come up at work or
home life

He will hands down be UNSTOPPABLE

How do I know this..?

Because his ‘WHY’ is so powerful


He proved it by be committed and showing up to the journey that lies within here:

Logan “What’s Your Why” Henry

PS Buster Douglas..the guy who shook the world

and knocked out Tyson 25 years ago..he had a very powerful why himself

discover what it was in this clip here:

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