What happened to Brett.. - LostFit

What happened to Brett..

Recently, I had a great conversation with my
man Brett B. who’s been an active LostFit
follower for a little bit of time now

Telling me that just from following my daily

He’s already starting to see massive improvement in
all areas of his life

and is striving to be better every single day

There was ONE thing that he’s applying to his
life everyday that’s already creating a
massive difference..

What is it you might ask..?

Starting his day with POWER

Reverting back to what I spoke of
inside my famous Ultimate Man Guide

Which if you forgot yourself..

Here’s the download link for you again:

Where was I, o yeah

Him UPGRADING on all levels of life

Just by simply changing around his morning

What do I mean…?

Instead of just waking up and reacting to the
rest of the world

(giving his attention to everyone else before

Like 99.99% of peeps do

Brett’s being a tad selfish..(as he should be)

and taking care of his greatest asset..


For Body it’s simple

He’s starting off the day with just a quick
walk or fast past workout to get his energy
levels up


That’s right my friend

Our minds are filled with chaos (yours

and to settle things down 5-10 min of
mediation each morning can have you more
focused and ready for what ever hell might
come at you that day (no kumbaya chants needed)

Brett’s a go giver and puts himself first
before anyone

Which is an incredible quality

However, if he doesn’t take time for himself

(just with implementing these 4 Key Essentials daily)

Eventually when stress is at an all time
high, he will break..

I’m stoked for him, as he’s already moving in
the right direction

and he’s actually applying what he’s reading
everyday inside his inbox

Are you?

(reply back to this email and let me know if
these have changed your life at all)

They are meant to help you realize your
ultimate potential

Taking you from the BS stories you tell
yourself every day as to

WHY you can’t do something


actually accelerating you to move forward and

Taking you from

-Not Confident



-Low energy levels

-Negative Mindset


– Intimidately Confident (family, friends,
colleagues will notice a complete 180)

-More Defined and Lean

-Maximized Energy Levels

-Improved Relationships

^^All of the above are just a mere byproduct
of having a better body and simply executing
the information at hand..

You must start from a shift within

Mindset to upgrade in


Business or Career


To have a higher purpose is the key to
leveling up in life..

Expansion is KEY

How do you expect to show up for others
you care for most in your life if you aren’t showing up for yourself first..?

Something to ponder on, squire

as you thinketh that thought head on over to


Logan “Take Care of YOU first” Henry

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