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He who must not be named (question)

“So my friend must not be too happy with the
results he’s getting from the training
program he’s doing…

He just asked me if you
do nutrition consults as well. I told him I
would ask”

^^Question I received from a coaching client from
a mysterious (not to be named) buddy..

but he already knew my answer

No I don’t

Do nutrition alone..

Why you might ask?

Let me explain my friend

‘One off’ nutrition programs


‘Cookie cutter’ diet plans


Do NOT work

Especially, for results that last and are
sustainable long term

The nutrition must be paired with both the

Correct and EFFECTIVE

Training protocol


Nutrient intake must be adjusted as
progression continues

and must be mapped out accordingly to the
body composition of the individual

People get on these fad diets for a period of

Start to see tiny results, than what

The progression stops

The results they want never come
and they end up getting down on themselves

Revert back to their old bad habits



Just like that

They Quit or even worse..

Gain even more weight than when they started
their transformation

It’s an endless cycle that needs to be stopped

See, when it comes down to it

Dropping pounds
Fat Loss

Getting Lean



Getting results that actually LAST

It’s NOT


NEVER will be a linear path

As your body begins to adapt to things, you
must change accordingly to keep progression

Got a ‘follow up’ with this message here:

“That’s what I thought, can’t get results
without being all in”

He nailed it right on the head




This is the same for achieving success in any
area of your life

You must be willing to go all in if you
actually want

True Results

I’d have you take a look right now at your

Where are you currently playing the ‘half in,
half out game’..?

What’s ONE thing you can do today to move one
step forward

to finally being

All In

For your body ‘all in’ is as simple as this here:


Logan ‘No Half & Half’ Henry

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