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Meh..what’s the point?

You ever felt like that before ^^

or maybe you hold it all in

but those closest to you can tell.. (something’s up)

See, the longer you keep things in and
sedating the fact that you’re:



Fed-UP with the way you’ve let your body go…

The worst things will get..

I get where you’re coming from, though…

Even when this past week has literally been
one of the best of my life

I go through the extremes as well…

First, I’m on top of the world, then the next

I’m feeling at my lowest point…

And you know what sometimes it’s natural to
feel like you want to do something but just
can’t be bothered…

Everyone gets it

So try not to be too hard on yourself

We can’t all be like the hardcore gym goers
or CrossFit peeps can we… Who literally
can’t wait to get in and smash themselves to

For some of us…

There are days we really

can’t be bothered

For others … That’s most days

However, there is a completely different side to
things..(you may want to jot this down my
good friend)

Is when we actually convince ourselves we
should be motivated or energetic or just
buzzing to get somewhere..(can you be certain
that this is actually true?)

And then start getting down on ourselves

Let’s be realistic here..we can’t always be
motivated can we..

Can you really expect to be motivated to
exercise when you’re

Bogged down from work

You have to keep up with relationships on the

and most of the time you’re too
tired to even think straight…

^ALL of this is going down and you think this
is exactly the PERFECT formula for




Of course not…

But as it goes, that is life, my friend..

and rather than wish it were easier or constantly
complain about how things just never go your

take a step back

and actually ask yourself if
you were to do ONE thing today, just one to
move ahead…

what would it be?

DON’T go into just thinking I’m 30 pounds

I’M going to wake up tomorrow morning

Go on the most extreme workout, diet or supplement
protocol and expect to set things straight

because that will only cause you to BURN out..

Stop trying to hit HOME RUNS


Start with simply swinging singles…

Sometimes you just need to plot out certain things and work with it so here are a few steps

1) Accept the fact that you are probably
aren’t fired up right away to start
exercising, focusing on nutrition, or even
thinking about changing habits…

2) Decide. Commit. Succeed…or JUST start

Seriously, anywhere

The guys who lose weight, shed the fat and
keep it off are the ones who feel that
resistance and just plunge straight in…

Stop thinking of the perfect time or the
perfect strategy..that will come just start
by doing something

Could be a walk.. a jog…

It could be just starting to throw in some
good food within in your daily nutrition…

Take that feeling of resistance..because you
will have it..

and use it as your DRIVING force and just
know you are feeling the way you are because
things you’re realizing this is what you need
to start making changes…

A small step outside the box, to an area
where you will start to feel a slight bit of

To not only have a better body but an overall
better quality of life

Just know that regardless if you’re on point
for 30, 60, or 90 days straight..

There will always come the moment that you
just don’t want to be bothered

You are only HUMAN

And last but not least…

There is one extra step you can take in
getting to where you want to go

It’s getting support, accountability and
motivation from a group of guys just like you

Because I can promise you this, it will make
your transformation a hell of a lot easier

And will be the closest thing you get to
step-by-step SHORTCUT

If for some reason you start feeling the
resistance after reading this, then my friend
you know you’re on the right track…

Take it as a sign that you are ready to move
forward with things…



About the Author Logan Henry