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Gone too soon

Many moons ago

On a dark and cold December Night

In the city of Chicago, Illinois

A man was searching for one last shot at a
good time..

Anything with drugs, hookers, and booze would
do the trick

He called everyone in town to see if he
could score one last hit

At this point, he’s pretty much black out

But he tries one more time

Calling his close buddy numerous times with
no answer

His buddy was purposely ignoring him

And wanted nothing to do with partying that

The very next day

The same buddy got a call

But this time it was from someone

Telling him that his friend had past earlier
that morning

That friend was non-other than funny man

Chris Farley

At 33 years old

His life was cut short

Now I don’t bring this upon you to give you a
case of the Monday blues…

Far from it my man

See, Chris was loved by many

But refused to listen to those around him…

Which reminded me of a lot of guys I coach
within the LostFit realm

In regards to them taking the next step in
transforming their bodies has nothing to do
with vanity


They want to be around for those closest to
them in their lives

And they fear that if they continue down the
path of not taking care of themselves

Death can creep up much sooner than they

Yeah yeah, I hear ya..

Yes, it’s true that even the healthiest
person can die at an early age…

But I’ll have you consider that when you have
the full capability

To take care of yourself and you choose NOT

You risk losing the very things in life that
keep you going every day

Deep down when we cut through everything of
why they want to get in shape, stay healthy
and have Less Stress

It eventually comes down to the ones closest
to them..the ones they love the most in life

**How they can’t keep up with their spouse,
partner or have enough energy to play with
those they care for most

**How they feel guilty and selfish to even
think about focusing on bettering themselves

**How they are overwhelmed and stressed from
work life

**How they don’t feel as confident with the
other half as they did when they were younger

**How they feel like a failure because they
are letting those closest to them down

That they might end up getting sick, because
health problems run in their family

and the GIANT ONE

THAT they will end up going through the same
health struggles just like they’ve seen
others in their family experience before




Unhappy with their physical presence

Lacking Confidence In their ability to SHOW
up as the MAN they strive to be..




It’s the absolute last thing that any person

To go through as life continues

So then they come to the realization that
it’s time

Time for them to INVEST IN THEMSELVES and set
a good example because it’s truly the only

because a better version of YOU= A better
spouse, a better partner, a better father, a
better businessman

But you can lose weight, have more energy,
improve your relationships, create more
balance and become the ultimate man?


It all starts with one decision…


Logan ‘too soon’ Henry

PS- Most guys I come across often never
realize that their life is on the line

Until they finally experience what it’s like
to see a vast change for the better

Simply by living what I like to call..

The LostFit Life

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and taking a step towards the change you wish
to see

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