"That's what she said." - LostFit

“That’s what she said.”

Behold.. a little known awesome fact dropped from a member and his lovely wife


“When I told me wife I had joined, she was
happy for me, but a little nervous as she
thought, I’d have to deprive myself or
jeopardize family dinners because of some
‘strict’ diet.. that hasn’t been the case at
all.. In fact she loves it..! Saying man
we’re eating like kings..hell eating like
this I don’t even feel like I’m on a diet”


^^a fact dropped from my man Dusty Garus

Truth is he be right

He’s NOT on on a diet

In fact he’s set for something that he can
actually enjoy

and keep sustainable with his busy life

I see this quite often

Guys end up joining and have a bit fear with
whole nutrition side of things

It’s understandable

They’ve had past experiences that completely
disregarded their overall lifestyle

and never took into account that they might
have loved ones amongst them that don’t want
to be stuck eating bland chicken and
broccoli every night.. hell who does

I know I sure don’t..

See, if you want a transformation that will

Then sustainability is KEY

This is why I have so much disgust towards

Put simply..

They DON’T work

because they never focus on what’s most

Building Lasting habits

Notice I said lasting..

Ahh, so you need proof my good man

No problemo

Studies have shown that individuals who take
on more than one habit at a time

Usually end up failing

Check it out:

.5% success rate—>3 or more habits at a

.35% success rate–>2 or more habits at a

.85% success rate–>1 habit at a time

As you can see

too many habits at one time = a recipe for

So I ask you this my friend

Where in your life are you trying to shoot
for the stars, but not reaping the results
you wish to see?

Could be in your body, relationships, or

And your mission is this:

Choose ONE habit today

that will move you one step closer toward
your goals

Write down what it is

and tell then go tell one person

because being held accountable for your
actions is the ONLY way you will actually
stick to your goals

and if you don’t have someone to hold you
accountable for your actions

Then I’d recommend you check this out:


Logan ‘happy wife, happy life’ Henry

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