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Someone is looking up to you..don’t let them down

So every now and again

The better half and I like to indulge in a
little docudrama action

and let’s just say lately

things have been a bit stale on the ole
Netflix front

So we decided to see what it’s twisted sister
amazon prime had to offer

As luck would have it we came across a doozy

“Overfed and Undernourished”

I won’t bore you with all the details

but here’s the gist of it:

The entire documentary follows 11 year old

who for his age and stature is an astounding
80 kilos overweight (176 pounds in our world)

and with his mom passing away early in his

He felt if he didn’t do something fast his
young life would be cut short

So he decides to move in with his aunt and

Who btw are in their late 30’s

and both are in damn good shape while still
living busy lives and have 2 kids to care for

So what’s all this got to do with you?

Well, it just so happens I took out some
vital lessons for you my man


By 2030 1 billion people in the world will be
considered obese

And 74% of Americans are now holding true to
that statistic

Crazy, right?

And out of all those people

young children are climbing up to take the
reign for that astounding number

By now you’re probably thinking.. that’s
awful and all Logan

but seriously what’s this got to with me?

It’s got A LOT to do with you my good man

Let me explain

See, time and time again, they’ve proven that
young children

Always learn by example

No matter how much you say, eat this healthy

Don’t do __________


make sure you do ___________

If YOU aren’t doing

they will eventually fade out

and begin to mimmic exactly what they’ve been
seeing day in and day out

Which is a similar situation all of the guys
within the LostFit elite begin to notice

Like recent new elite member Paul C.

He mentioned his daughter is now starting to
hold him accountable for the exercises he
does at home

and she’s making sure to eat all her veggies
at dinner time

He stands by his commitments and is becoming
a true role model for his entire family

So next time you feel that taking time for

and taking care of yourself isn’t necessary

Take a look around to those you care for most
in your life

and really determine who it is you’re really
letting down

Lead with your actions, not with your words

Logan ‘Lead by Example’ Henry

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