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Why Exercise Has Become A Higher Priority For These Busy Men

There’s a common trend amongst businessman and high-performing professionals,  that work must always come first.

Trumping everything else.

Including Friends, Family, and especially health.

But, for the busy men inside the LostFit Elite, this is no longer the case.

Let me explain.

See, as busy men, we’re constantly caught up in the
rat race of work so we can continue to grow and provide the most for our family and loved ones.

But, with all this focus on everyone and everything else around us we tend to forget to take care of ourselves first.

And, yes I hear ya loud and clear…

“But, Logan that would be selfish of me…”

Yes, but for good reason.

Let me explain:

Let’s say you’re about to fly out on a trip.

Once your seat belt is fastened the flight attendant stands in the center of the aisle like some kind of mime guiding you through
safety precautions.

Then when it comes time to get real with you and tell
you there’s a chance the flight might
experience some extreme turbulence the first thing that will
happen is your oxygen mask will fall from

Now, who do they say must put on that mask

That’s right, my man…


Doesn’t matter who’s around you either. The mask
always goes on you first.

So how does this apply to your life?

Consider if you don’t take time for you
first, or your overall health everything around you will begin to suffer.

How do I know such a thing?

Because I’ve seen it happen in my life and in the
lives of men just like you.

Here are just a few of the consequences that can
be faced if you don’t focus on you first.

=>Constant Stress

=>Sleepless nights

=>Excess weight gain

=>Relationship Struggles

=>Chaos across work life.

Purely a shit show of epic proportions.

And, in my experience, it wasn’t until a wake-up call within
myself that finally things shifted around.

Now, I focus on me first so I can show up
110% for everyone else in my life.

=>From 1X to 10X.

So my question for you is this:

Where across your life are you not allowing
yourself to breath first?

And, your mission is this:

Consider taking the next 30 days to step into
your full power.

Every day make it a goal to get up and focus
on you first.

For Body– Could be getting in a quick

For Mindset– it could be closing your eyes
for 10 minutes and focus on breathing drills.

For Relationships– it could be surprising
your better half with a quick note that says
how much you appreciate them.

For Career/Business – it could be reading one piece of material that you know would serve you inside your profession.

I call this concept Focus 4.

And, it’s something I go further in depth
with all the men inside the LostFit League of

If executed consistently (not just one day) I
can promise you vast improvements will start
to take place across all areas of your life.

Coach Logan

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