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Hardcore motivation secrets from an ex-con

I don’t know if it’s the bedroom Olympics…

The obnoxious office antics…

But, the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” is one
I’ve indulged in quite a bit…

Didn’t get much out of it the first go
around, but it sure has grown on me…

There’s a scene that always seems to strike a
cord with me.

Where Belfort aka “The Wolf” rally’s together
his team to start pitching a stock that could
be worth tons…

He begins to speak on the microphone and
immediately grabs the attention of everyone
in the room by asking some questions…

“Is your landlord threatening to evict you?
Good..! Pick up the phone and start dialing”

“Are you behind on your credit card bills?”
Good..! Pick up the phone and start dialing”

These questions seemed harsh but pretty
inspiring as well…

Now, how does this apply to you inside your
Body, Relationships, Career and Life?

Let me break it down for you, my man.


If you are scared, worried, complaining,
procrastinating, blaming everyone else, about
anything in your life…Then you must do
something about it.

If you don’t like your current physical
presence or your overweight, start a new
exercise ritual.

*Start off by just walking for 10 minutes
every morning.

If you don’t like to eat healthy, mix it up
with different options, and don’t deprive
yourself from a treat here and there.

*Start with a greens drink and some simple
fish oil in the morning.

If you are always feeling stressed take ten
minutes a day to allow your thoughts to roam.

*Start your day with some simple me time.
5 to 10 minutes of either pure silence or
some non-hippie mediation.

This is meditation for producers…Leading to
less stress, more power, and more production.

If you are always depressed, take time to do
something you love that makes you happy.

*Start by taking non-negotiable time for you
during the week. Even if it’s a couple

Even if it’s a couple of  hours…Allow yourself to create space so you

Allow yourself to create space so you
can remain calm in the midst of all the

All simple strategies that will make one hell
of a difference in how you show up and
operate from day to day.

But, strategies are nothing without

And, it’s the execution that makes the men
inside the LostFit Elite Brotherhood show up

Bottom line is this:

You’re only stuck in these situations if you
don’t seek change…

These men had enough.

And, their choice was simple.

Either stay in the pain they were in for the
last several years…

Or, take action and create new happiness
across all areas of their lives.

That was their choice…

I’m curious, what’s yours?
Logan Henry- Lead Transformation Coach, LostFit


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