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Yeah, I guess maybe you don’t have it

Few days back I finally got to catch the
movie “Whiplash” with my better half

I must say


Seriously good flick, go catch it if you
haven’t yet hombre

Anyhoo..without spoiling too much for you

It’s about a music school student who wanted
to become

One of the Greats’

In drumming that is..

There were 3 Big takeaways I learned from

My BIG 3


This kid practiced day and night. Even moved
his mattress inside his drum room so he could
wake-up and get right to playing

Practicing till his hands bled (seriously)

Crazy I know, but his drive was insane

Letting nothing stop him form reaching the
results he wanted


He had a coach. A coach that simply gave him
the tools needed to where he wanted to go

We’re some of his practices a bit extreme,
you betcha

but the point his coach made was that he was
trying to get his students to go above and
beyond what was expected of them

Which in time, produced crazy results

Mentioning that ‘good job’ was only crippling
one’s ability to actually achieve their goals

It was giving them only a false sense of
reality that would make the students stagnate
and never grow to their greatest potential

3) Doing the WORK pays off

The kid never gave up when times got tough

and in the end..

It clearly SHOWED

(I won’t spoil anymore for you amigo, go
catch it yourself and let me know what you

Watching this movie made me realize exactly
why LostFit Elite Members get such great
results inside their own transformations

Both Physically and Mentally

because they have something unique that’s
unlike anything they’ve ever experienced
before inside a training realm

Providing them with





—>Without having the accountability to the
highest level possible..

You will never push yourself when times get

—> Trying to cut corners, hopping from
program to program, yet never getting what
you need

Without expert advice

and people just like you who have gotten
great results you ultimately want
, you again
won’t push yourself

—>Without being surrounded by those on the
same mission as you, busy guys, you will
never push yourself

It’s nearly the perfect formula to unlocking
fulfillment in ALL areas of your life

How do you fix where you’re currently at?


Discover a PROVEN system that will get you
the results you desire

in half the time

like this:

Logan ‘Whiplashed’ Henry

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