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They’re FULL of it

After finishing up a wild good time with the
LFit Elite crew last week

My man Craig F pulled me aside just to tell
me how much his life has changed so far

Beyond just the poundages he’s dropped so far
(21 since I last checked)

but the fact that he now has a better
relationship with his loved ones

He’s been shocked by the experience so far

Telling me it’s no where near the crap or the
BS that’s found inside different programs,
trainers, etc

Who only lay down promise after promise, yet
never getting you to where you actually
wanted to go in the first place

Getting you on the ‘deal’ of a lifetime that
serves no good to you

and leaves you confused, pissed off, and
still in the same place you started


It bothers the hell out of me

and it’s exactly why I created LostFit in the
first place

We continued to lay out the facts that most
trainers or fitness goo-roos are fake

They’re scared to keep things REAL with you

Telling you only what you want to hear

Even if they know deep inside it’s not true

and in the long run it’s only hindering your
overall results

That’s not how I role hombre

The only way true transformation can occur is
if things are always kept REAL

Not sugar coating anything

Letting you know when you’re slipping in
certain areas


When you’re not doing what you said you would

And I totally get it

It’s hard to face reality

How’s the saying go again..

The truth hurts

Yes, it might sting a bit

However, if you know the reality at hand

You’re able to focus on effective strategies
to help you overcome the tough obstacles you
might be facing

I know, I know

Some peeps out there want more of a

‘rent a friend’

Than someone who’s holding them accountable
to get what they actually signed up for


Don’t get me wrong I’ve created a close bond with
every coaching  client that’s ever step foot within the
LFit Arena

It’s seriously like a big family

but again, it’s because these guys were the
right fit from the start

It’s why I go through the process I do

to help only those who truly are committed to finally
making a change in their life for the better

**Not those seeking the ‘cheap’ quick fix

**Not those who think they know it all

**Not those who are constantly negative and
they reek of arrogance

**Not those who are half in, half out

**Not those who constantly make excuses for
every endeavor they take on

It’s specifically for guys who are ready to
go ALL in

They’re fed up with the feeling of being





and they’re finally ready to show up for

So they can show up for everyone else in
their lives


**You don’t have to be in good shape to join

**You don’t have to give up your entire life
spending endless hours in the gym

**You don’t have to give up on the food and
drinks you enjoy

**You just have to be willing to COMMIT to

and do the work required to get to where you
want to go

The first step is usually the hardest

but often times the most rewarding:

Logan ‘Keeping it Real’ Henry

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