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The PROVEN Way to Lose Your Gut (fast)

You’ve had a long day

You’re stressed from being on the go

You just need to kick back and enjoy a little me time

Pop open a cold one



This sound about right?

Everything is fine until this becomes a permanent routine..

And before you know it, you’ve developed a nice sized gut…

The Facts

A drink or two here and there won’t cause a beer belly.

If you frequently indulge in some liquid gold, regardless of your current body fat, you are bound to swell up

Hidden Fat

Most common reasons for a beer belly is you could be holding on to tons of visceral fat..

The fat that is associated with most individuals and that people are aware of is subcutaneous fat.

Visceral fat is more internal, it lies beneath your abdominal muscles and surrounds your organs..

People holding onto a lot of visceral fat will be very resistant to..

Insulin (the magic player in losing fat or getting lean)

In this case high amounts of starchy foods should be avoided..

Beer Belly Vs Fat Belly

Comparing the two is simple..

If an individual has more of a descended stomach or it’s a bit swollen, that’s a beer belly.

However, if the majority of fat is held around the waistline, that is know as a fat belly.

Though woman drink beer as well

I’m going to speak for the classic male in the sense that males are more likely to store fat around their naval area.

This is a side effect of high levels of cortisol..

The stress hormone cortisol will cause a majority of fat to be stored in the belly button region..

The simple solution for clients who are constantly feeling



Lacking Energy

And their main goal is to lose weight and get lean

I advise you to take a step back..

Simply by doing less and taking just a bit of time for yourself, you will see rapid drops in your body fat levels

Tailored Solutions

Besides limiting beer consumption, you still need to demolish the visceral fat you’re holding onto..

In the beginning I mentioned the magic player in fat loss: Insulin

The best way to cure insulin resistance is by limiting the amount of carbohydrates you have coming in every day

Am I saying you need to do this forever?


Carbs aren’t always the enemy, but if you are constantly slamming carbs down and you’re predominately a sedentary person..

You need to cut back on them for a bit

The process of ridding your beer gut can happen quickly if you make sure to stay on point with your training and nutrition

Visceral fat is easier to mobilise and your body will use it up quickly if you’re metabolic system is fired up in the right way

What NOT to do

Doing endless amounts of crunches will do nothing in the terms of getting rid of visceral fat

Do THIS instead

You need to make sure your metabolic rate is through the roof. This will vastly increase your ability to burn fat and ignite all fat burning hormones

If you’re limited on time you need to think density

Density is increasing your overall workload in a very short period of time..

*Perform Lifts that hit the entire body

*Take minimal rest periods

*Focus on tempo

15-20 minutes is all you need to melt the fat away

To gain more clarity: Click Here to Watch this Video For Optimizing Your Training 

There you have it..

Take this and start applying it to your everyday life and start unleashing your leaner self

Logan “Give Up The Gut” Henry

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