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Put it down (or it’ll cost you)

Put that cookie down….



Well, sort of.

If you’ve seen the obnoxious holiday comedy

“Jingle All the Way”

Arnold isn’t a fan when other men touches his
wife’s cookies…


I bring this to your attention because I
often have conversations with guys about how
they find it hard to control their eating

Meaning it will be midnight and they’re
finishing up on some last minute reports for

And they begin to mindlessly eat for no
apparent reason

Sound familiar?

I bring this to your attention to clarify
just how much ‘Mindless eating’ is costing
you in terms of how you operate in your ever
day life

Let me break down the consequences for you

==> The cost to your overall health, energy,
and well-being

==>The extra time it’s going to take for you
to burn off all the crap you put down your
pie hole (could take several more hours of

==>The cost of your ability to think straight
and actually perform at a higher level will

See, most busy guys I come across have done
this for so long

That it’s become their everyday routine..a habit
per say and they basically have gotten use to
feeling like crap all the time

Just like drugs and alcohol

Eating like crap releases a quick shot of
dopamine through your system and gives you a
sense of immediate pleasure

Pretty much acting as a temporary release
from the stress you’re feeling


How do you fix this?


1) Get rid of the temptation

If you know you’re going to be finishing up
work late

Don’t surround yourself with different kinds
of junk food

Instead, opt for smarter snack choices

-Beef Jerky

-Mixed Nuts

-Protein Bars (watch out for the ones that
are filled with tons of sugar)

Things that if you decided to cave in and
eat, they wouldn’t affect your results

2) Sleep..

See, if you lack sleep your hunger hormone
known as ghrelin will rise quickly and you
will begin to feel hungry even at the most
random times

Think quality over quantity

Go after an average of seven hours per night
and if that seems impossible…

Aim for a quality six hours and fin time
during the day to knock out a quick 15 minute

Just my two cents for you today

By the way…

If you find it hard to stick to new habits
and feel you need maximum accountability to
stay on track towards your goals

Then I have this here for you:


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