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His BIG, BIG Screw Up (and how to avoid it)

Picture this..

Guy gets seriously overweight and packs on
more then just a few extra pounds..

On top of that..

He feels




That he let himself go

It was effecting not only his health &

but it really hit hard on those he cared for
the most in his life

After he had enough he decided to make moves (literally)

As time went on he started to lose some

and felt extremely motivated to continue his
pursuit of a better body

and overall better quality of life

Everything seemed perfect until he faced a
BIG problem

and those that once began complimenting him

We’re now worried about him

To find out more about his problem and the rest of his story:

Watch this video here:

that will give you more insight to EXACTLY what went wrong..

So you can make sure you DON’T make the same
mistake as him


Logan ‘Don’t make the same mistake’ Henry

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