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Scared to say the least

I’m not going to lie

I was a bit scared

When  I decided to
embark in a wild rope climbing adventure a couple
weeks back with some of the guys within the lfit crew

These ropes were set up like high rises in
the air

and the only thing that kept you from
tumbling down

was a lightweight harness and a small helmet

And who know’s IF something could have gone

Key word being ‘if’

See, day by day I hear guys from all over
telling me the same things:

“I want to lose this belly fat ”

“I want to feel better”

“I want to be able to have more energy
thorough out my day”

but never take the ACTION needed to actually
doing anything about it

We usually tend to fear something we don’t


We don’t have all the answers of the actual
outcome if we actually do decide to take a
leap into the unknown

And fear can be a real pain in the ass..

I don’t know about you, but it’s held me back
from doing some much in my life

Especially things that I knew if I actually
faced what I was afraid of..

My life would be much better off

The thing is

Fear will always be there to creep up on us
in our lives

It’s a side effect of being human hombre

How do you get around it?

Act in spite of it..

Actually controlling it by doing the very
thing you know you should do or actually want

I can’t tell you the number of men who tell
me I meant to join a while ago..

I honestly was just too afraid and kept
holding myself back (hard to admit for a man,
but freeing at the same time)

And there are tons who keep clicking the link
to take a peak at this


Even going as far as filling it out, but then
letting fear stop you from sending it through

I understand though..

It took me forever to actually have the
courage to reach out to my coaches

Where am I going with this?


It’s inevitable

You can either

Face Up to Everything and Rise


Stay as you are and Keep Running..

You make the call

but I promise, you are capable of a lot more
than you think my man

Adios Amigo

Logan “Face It” Henry

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