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I’m ON it

A wee bit jet lagged

but I’m back my friend

Feeling like a just got shot out of a massive
cannon of greatness..

See, my trip to Texas this past weekend
opened my mind to endless possibilities

Everyday we got to spend hours learning from
some of the top coaches in the world

Whose sole mission was to better others lives

The coolest part about it (besides being
surrounded by awesomeness)

Was where got have our daily meetings

Inside the ONNIT headquarters

Now, if you aren’t familiar with Onnit

It’s one of the top 10 fastest growing
private sports companies in Austin

and quickly on the rise to become the best in
the nation

Working with well known pros like:

Joe Rogan

Bode Miller

Brian Cushing

Just to name a few..

CEO Aubrey Marcus holds true to his vision

Believing that everyone can live a more
healthy and optimized life

As do I

Notice I keep going back to belief


because if you don’t believe in the endeavor
you’re after like having a

Better Body

Better Health

Better Life

Then it doesn’t matter how hard you work


that you might have found

‘the next best thing’


Believe you can first

and then the possibilities will be endless

Now, I am not trying to lay down the whole ‘secret’

law of attraction stuff on you..

As you must be willing to do the actual work
at hand to actually have that belief become a

but once you have the belief

and the right strategy at hand

You my friend will be UNSTOPPABLE

Just like the busy guys that went through here:


Logan ‘Get Onnit’ Henry

PS If you’re fed up trying to figure things
out on your own

and would like a free step by step blueprint
to get you out of the position of feeling


and you’re ready to finally catapult into a direction
of lasting results, click below to schedule
your exploration session





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