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4 Ways to Optimize Your Hormone Levels, Naturally

When it comes to the factors of having a better body, a better mind and overall better relationships (aka: the LostFit Life)

One must make sure their “feel good” hormones are optimized.

Hormones such as: Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Insulin, Adiponectin, DHEA, Ghrelin, Epinephrine and ultimate fat burning hormone leptin

You get these optimized and you will: blast fat at a rapid rate, increase your libido, and feel much happier throughout everyday life.

Usually, in society, everyone is looking for the quick-fix formula or the next magic pill to solve all the above,

But living the LostFit life isn’t (and never will be) about the quick-fix.

Instead, it’s about maintaining a well-balanced life and maximizing your overall health & performance from the beach, to the bedroom, to the workplace…

It’s time to dive in deep my friend and explain how to optimize all these hormones above naturally.

#1- QUALITY SLEEP: When you’re living life in the fast lane it can be tough to get a good nights rest.

Without adequate sleep it’s hard for your  body to recover fully in both a mental and physical aspect.

Most of the important hormones, including the anti-aging hormones such as: growth hormone, DHEA, and Testosterone are in abundance when you sleep and the deeper the sleep, the more hormones you produce.

**hint-Sleep Naked (seriously): this will help cool your body’s internal temperature down, lower cortisol levels, and help the production of melatonin, which will help regulate your sleep cycle.


Our brains are constantly in overdrive. Whether it be stress from work, family, or just everyday life, you need an outlet to calm you down. Start meditating at least 10 minutes a day, close your eyes, and focus slowing down your breathing. This will reduce stress, lower blood pressure and increase overall relaxation.

Note: you will probably be all over the place when you begin this daily ritual, just keep calm, and stay consistent. Try downloading headspace or simply being: 2 great apps for guided meditation


A well-designed exercise program can be the catalyst you need to not only optimize hormones but destroy cortisol (the major stress hormone)

Make sure it’s a well-balanced training program that offers everything from: Strength Training, Cardio (the right kind), Mobility, and Balance.

Favor the Basic Big Lifts : Compound Movements: Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Rows.

NOTE: Before starting any of the moves above make sure you assess where you’re currently at and that you’re confident in executing each exercise with proper form.

Lift Challenging Weight: Regardless of who you are, you need to be lifting challenging weights for you and progress as your program continues: this will help optimize your hormone production, help you burn more fat, and accelerate your overall results


To  optimize hormones and  achieve an overall better quality of life it’s important to practice some form of daily gratitude. This could be writing down 3 things

every morning in a journal that you’re grateful for or sending appreciation messages to the ones you care for most in your life.

Small things added up daily will keep your chaotic life: calm,cool, and collected.

Whether it’s to lose a significant amount of body fat, get lean, sexy,  or just look better naked…

You  must have your hormone levels in check to make sure you are successful with

your overall body transformation.

Start slow and implement one new ritual daily.  Once it’s mastered, move to the next one

Logan “LostFit Life” Henry

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