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4 Reasons Why Your Results Suck (and what to do about it)

I’m tired of it

Seeing guys putting in the efforts

but never reaping the results they wish to

It’s an endless cycle that needs to be

Therefore today my friend

I will break down the reasons for you on why
this is..

and what needs to be done about it

So, without further adieu I give to you

The Top 4 Reasons Why Your Results Suck

==> 1. You rely on motivation..

Motivation sucks for results..


After a few days or several weeks grinding it

Your motivation tends to drop off and you
allow old habits to come back in to your life

Hint: dropping bad habits and developing
new(good)ones is crucial for your success

Then as your initial high begins to fade..

The Excuses start to roll in

Boredom sets in

and you begin to wonder what the hell you’re
even doing..

Yes, motivation will get you started

Maybe you watched Rocky

Maybe you noticed your wife or partner
checking out or dropping comments about some
lean guy on her favorite tv show

Maybe you got embarrassed when your guy
friends or colleagues gave you crap about
your weight

Whatever it is that triggered you..

It eventually fades, right?

Then when that momentum begins to slow down

You rationalize to yourself about why it
didn’t work…this time

Truth be told

You simply didn’t develop the right patterns
of habit

You didn’t have the right tools, skills or

to adjust and stay on the path towards

even when times got tough

==> 2. You try to go hard too soon..

You worked out with your buddy doing his
workout he’s done for months?

Someone showed you what worked for them and
you went from the sofa to some obnoxious
crossfit workout that left you only to be
injured and out for the count

All this will build serious inflammation in
your body (which will then raise cortisol
levels..which is one of the main things
we want to reduce)

and in the end

You still have a negative association on
‘working out’

and a reminder of why you hate it so much..

See, you need to build foundations first

So as time goes on you can tolerate more
challenging workouts, that are appropriate
for your level

This is KEY to sustainability

==> 3. You eat convenient foods, try to guess
what you’ve think is ‘healthy’ or
worse..starve yourself

Let’s face it..

99.9% of people don’t know what the hell to
do when it comes to eating for results,
losing fat, feeling good, or lean muscle
building, that’s sustainable long term

Constantly listening to the BS that you need
to eat 6 meals per day, becoming a slave to
the clock, and have copious amounts of
chicken and broccoli everyday..

The real secret?

Well trying to figure this all out with all
the information out there

Can get pretty damn confusing

Here are the basics…

**Avoid decision fatigue and at least have an
idea of what you’re going to eat

**Earn your carbs..if you constantly sit
behind a desk, you hardly workout, then stop
eating so many damn carbs

**Learn to track..what gets tracked gets
measured (this is important especially if you
want to eat the foods you actually enjoy and still get

**Focus on macronutrients such as protein,
carbs, fats, and fiber..[these are more
important then just focusing on your calorie
intake..oh and don’t forget about micronutrients
as well]

Listen diets suck and they’ll never work long

Stop shooting for the ‘quick-fix’

You will hands down always fall back into
your bad habits and probably end up putting
on more weight then when you started

Design a plan of action that’s sustainable
and you will never have to battle with your
weight again

So create a plan that’s SUSTAINABLE.

==>4. You are playing the victim of your own

There will never be a ‘right’ time… There
is only now.

You will always be busy..

You will always have stuff going on..

1st rule to success.. take responsibility..

You can’t change what you can’t accept

on that note

I give to you a little BONUS

#5 The #1 Mistake I See Guys Make..

Never taking care of themselves FIRST over
everything else in their lives

You put yourself last in terms of what you
think is a priority..

This comes right back to the culture of
constant workload, valuing financial success
over your health and well-being (side note:
you can have both)

and usually not honoring their greatest asset
of all…


You have the ability to control your time

So STOP giving it up for everyone else first,
until you have taken some time for you


I’m talking a maximum of 30 mins of your day
[sometimes less]

To shed those unwanted pounds, lose the
gut, enhance your sex life, look great
naked, be a great role model for your kids or
your colleagues, feel stronger, perform
a your highest level inside your business or
career, be an excellent partner to your loved

and you’re saying you’re too busy..

I call your bluff

See, great things will happen when you
finally ACCEPT where you are and realize that
you can’t show up for everyone else in your
life maximum capacity if you’re not in your
best physical shape

It’s really simple

20-30 minutes

Time for you… Smart, Intelligent approach
to sustainable and consistent workouts,
Nutrition of high value that’s using science
to keep you progressing and manage those
important hormones of yours.

Self worth, self care, self confidence, and
bringing your sexy back is a nice bonus right..?

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and UNTHINKABLE results

Logan ‘The Better Way’ Henry

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