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The Quickest & Easiest Way To Achieve Sustainable Success

Behold a variety of reasons most guys don’t follow through with what they said they would do:

“Between work, kids and keeping up with
everything on the home front…the day just
got away from me…”

“I didn’t feel up to it…”

“I wasn’t able to get do __________…so I
thought… Why bother?”

These are just a few of the many reasons I hear as to why someone couldn’t make something happen.

And, I get it…as I used to utter the same words inside my own life.

But in my experience here’s what I’ve learned…

You and I make these reasons up because we think
if we can’t nail it perfectly then why do it
at all…?

And that’s where the problem lies, my friend.

See, when you constantly strive for
perfection or wait for the right time, all
you’re doing is delaying the inevitable.

Perfection = Prison.

The connection is in the CONSISTENCY.

For example:

Jerry Seinfeld is one the most successful
comedians this world has seen.

Regardless if you’re a fan or not, the man
has made his mark (and millions to go with

And there’s one simple strategy that he does
everyday to stay on top of his game.

He mentioned in a previous interview:

“To become a great comedian he needed to
write every day”

“He then explained that he had a big wall
calendar, that showed the entire year on one

Next, he would take a big red marker and put
a big red “X” over every day he completed his

After several days you will begin to create
this chain, that will grow longer and longer
as the days go on.

Your only goal being…

Don’t break the chain.

Daily actions build HABITS.

Seinfeld didn’t care if he…

Felt like it or not.

Was writing jokes or not (he just had to
write something)

The only thing that mattered to him was not
breaking the chain.

Truly simple, yet EFFECTIVE advice.

Want a better body?

Do some kind of training every day (even if
it’s only a ten-minute walk)

By the end of every day, ask yourself:

“Did you sweat today?”

Don’t break the chain.

Want to create an unbeatable mindset so you
can produce at a higher level?

Take 5 minutes today to mediate.

You don’t have to sit Indian style or start
yelling out some awkward chant.

It’s as simple as putting your phone down,
blocking out the noise and setting a timer
for 5 minutes.

And every 20 seconds that goes continue to
count your breaths.

Don’t break the chain.

Want to have sex at will and create better
intimacy with your significant other?

Show appreciation every day by doing the little things.

You know the things you keep getting yelled
at after a long day of work…

Yes, even the man of the household can get
his hands dirty once in a while by doing the
dishes or taking out the trash.

Want to increase revenue and profit inside
your business or career?

Make it your duty and obligation to study
things and do things your competitors are
either too lazy or too much of a know-it-all
to even consider learning anything new.

Could be quick read from a book or an

Do whatever it is you want to get better

Don’t break the chain.

Taking advice from a guy that’s been in the
trenches and is STILL doing it today just
rapidly ACCELERATES your results.

And If you want PROVEN, step-by-step
instructions on how to build a better body, a
better mindset, better relationships and a
better more PROFITABLE business AND still
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Logan ‘Connection is in the CONSISTENCY’ Henry

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