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“I just can’t catch a BREAK” [tough times]

Every now and then when things just aren’t
going my way

As far as tickling my entertainment bone..

I venture outside of a little netflix
indulgence just to see what cinematic
adventures lie inside the box that is know as
thy red

And the other day I seemed to have struck

‘Mississippi Grind’

One of those Indie films that never hits the
mainstream, but is always packed full of the

Let me explain

The film is about 2 degenerate gamblers

(yes, I’m about to spoil it for you my

Gambler #1: Curtis (Ryan Reynolds)

Gambler #2: Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn)

Who both happen to randomly meet up together
in a small town of Idaho..

Curtis is the playboy with all the money


As for Gerry..

Well, let’s just say he’s a washed up real-estate agent,
who’s skilled at Poker

but is in a bit of a bind for owing money to
basically everyone..

While grabbing a couple woodford’s at the
local pool hall

Curtis begins to tell a story about how he
once knew a guy that was a heck of a gambler

but never knew when to quit while he was

Gerry gave him a smirk saying:

“I get where you’re going with this, but
that’s not me, I don’t have a problem”


He did

but didn’t want to admit it

Which got me thinking of all the guys I come
across all the time

Who always tell me

‘They’re fine’

‘No problem here’


Yet deep down…

-they barley have enough energy to keep up
with those they love the most

-the thought of clothes shopping makes them
cringe because now they have to buy another
size up in pants

-they’re embarrassed when the warm weather
rolls around and they’ve got to face taking
their shirt off

-Sex is at best… OK, but no where near where
they would like it to be

I can relate though

I know being a guy there’s a certain pride we

Thinking we will be known as ‘weak’ if we
admit that there’s a problem

and we actually need help finding a solution
for that problem

I’ve done this countless times in my life

Thing is

It doesn’t have to be that way my friend

The moment you drop that EGO

Is the moment you start to accept reality for
what it is


actually take the next step in the right
direction to make a change for the better


Step 1: Is accepting the problem

Step 2: Is finding a solution to that problem

Step 3: Is taking ACTION on that problem

Once you complete step 1

Step 2 and 3 can easily be solved by doing
this here:


Logan ‘The Gambler’ Henry

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