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Double chin wake up call

Earlier this week I caught a glimpse on my
newsfeed of a random news report.

Claiming that front-runner and lead singer for the band Guns N Roses sir Axl Rose has demanded Google to
take down his unflattering

‘Fat Axl’ Picture

Claiming these photos have breached copyright

Or could be the fact that people are abusing
it by making captions like:

“Take me down to the bakery city/ where the
pies have cream and the cakes are tasty…”

I have to admit, it’s pretty funny.

Messed up, but funny.

You ever looked at an old photo of yourself you

I sure as hell know I have.

But here’s the thing about it…

We’re are own worst critics.

And you can choose to travel down 2 different

1) Feel sorry about yourself and continue to
let down those you care for the most


2) You can admit you’re NOT happy and finally
do something about it

I know when it came to the struggles in my
life, I chose the latter.

It’s the same for all the men that enter the
LostFit coaching realm…

They had their ‘double chin’ wake up call:

=> Not being able to come home after a long
day at work and stay active with their
spouse, partner or have enough energy to play
with the kids


=>How they felt embarrassed letting
themselves go and felt ashamed for setting
such a poor example for both their families
and colleagues

Problem is, my man…

Most have become so numb to the fact that
they’ve let themselves get this way or

They know, they just continue to AVOID it.

Until it’s far too late to do anything about

Never be ‘That Guy’

Listen, I can’t help you erase those old
photos of yourself.

But I can help you begin to transform your
body, improve your health and obtain an
unstoppable mindset.

So you can improve your relationships, better
your sex life, DOMINATE at work and show up everyday on FIRE.

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