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LostFit Case Study: Russ Fogg

Discover Russ’s Story Below:

-His struggles and frustrations

-Realizing his age and was thriving to get back to the man he was in his 20’s

-How he had enough and knew it was time for a change

-Dropping more than 6% body fat within the first 4 weeks of training

-Having More Energy to keep up with his Family and Loved Ones

-Expressing how the experience of LostFit has completely changed his life



PS Russ is still going strong within the LostFit family, he’s now down to over 10% body fat dropped and is pretty much unstoppable. If you want to join Russ and the other members of the LostFit Team click below to apply for your strategy session to ACCELERATE your results and get a step by step plan to achieve your goals today.

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