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How To Destroy Your Love Handles With Just 5 Moves

I feel ya, my man

Relaxing after a long week and getting ready to dominate the
week ahead…

Well to keep you focused, on point, and
starting your week off with POWER

Here’s my special gift for you:

Your Mission:

Choose 5 out of the 44 Exercises above and complete them all in one circuit, with little to no rest between each round. 4 Rounds Total.

Pick your poison wisely and make sure you’re
confident with each move you choose.

Coach Logan Henry

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Why you exercise so much (and still can’t lose fat)

So the other day I had a friend of mine message me

“Hey looking to get back into shape, any specific diet or

supplements you recommend..?”

^He’s lacking the entire picture


He’s looking for the “next new thing”

Instead of just starting and…

Making things HAPPEN

It’s not that you cant lose fat or see results at a

rapid rate, it’s about choosing the right strategy

fit for you AND making your results  sustainable.

Therefore,  I decided to write up
this beauty up for you:

13 Reasons Why You Exercise So Much (and still can’t lose fat)

1. You‘re program hopping. From one ‘new’ thing to another and lack serious consistency.

2. You continue to ‘wing it.’ You’re not consistent with both training or nutrition and without

a plan in place, you simply have no room to question why you’re not getting results.

3. You’re not realistic. Instilling true change requires an individual to build sustainable
habits over time.

4. You rely on motivation.  Most simply rely on motivation Problem is motivation is only ONE key element
of change, but once that motivation drops…


just like that

The implementation stops

5. You over consume your calories. You’re not burning enough calories compared to how much you consume

6. You’re not patient. Most people tend to base their results on past experiences…

Saying “Well, this one time…I did this, and it worked”

But that ‘one time’ was most likely an attempt at a “quick-fix”

Which is not sustainable and you continue to go on an endless cycle of losing weight and

then putting it right back on.

7. You place blame. You blame time/metabolism/genes
instead of looking at your tendency to be inconsistent or sticking to a plan that’s in line with your goals.

8. You try and beat the system. By using tools like ‘supps or fat burners’), attempting endless bouts of Cardio, dropping calories too quickly, etc…

At the beginning of your transformation journey changing simple habits, focusing on a nutrition plan fit for you and your lifestyle and adding in weight training a couple times a week is all you’ll need to see results fast.

9. You’re one-sided when it comes to  nutrition. You think by cutting one entire macronutrient (proteins, carbs, or fats)  group will do the trick (i.e.- Going low or No carb)

10. You’re not held accountable for your actions. You continue to go solo and aren’t’ held aren’t held accountable to anyone and
keep asking yourself why you fall off from
sticking to the plan.

11. You’re one dimensional with what you measure. You constantly put focus on the outcomes and not the actions you’ve put forth.  

Results are never linear…

Therefore, you must look past the outcomes and focus on the actions you put forth consistently.

Instead of always picking yourself apart in the mirror or stepping on the scale every day to see if things have moved. Yes, results are important, but if you only focus on the outcomes you will lose track of just how far you’ve come and the actions you’ve already put for

Yes, results are important, but if you only focus on the outcomes you will lose track of just how far you’ve come and the actions you’ve already put forth.

12. You’re following a cookie cutter plan. Your nutrition
plan should be as unique as you on a level of lifestyle,
mindset, and behavioral change. Same goes with your numbers…Once your body begins to adapt, things will need to change in order for you to continue seeing results.

13. You’re environment sucks. Not having the enough support or surrounded by those who are on the same mission as you within a positive group atmosphere. Your Environment is everything but
your ASSOCIATION with right people can make or break your results.

Almost forgot bonus reason number 14…

You’re waiting for the ‘perfect time’ and continuously keep thinking about it… but never take action

So take ACTION NOW….

Because you CAN finally overcome your
struggles and change your body for good

Want help?

Go here:


PS- [Busy MEN] Discover The simple, proven and
easy-to-follow 90-day challenge that will quickly
get rid of your unwanted ‘gut’ and tightly firm up
your chest … so that you can boost your
confidence, increase your sex drive and finally
walk the beach with your shirt off this summer…

This ruined me…

I’m back at again

I’ve been off of them for quite some time now,
but the other day I had to indulge in just a

Not sure where your heads at right now my man…but, I’m talking about TED talks here

In case you’ve been living under a rock

TED talks are short vids that pack a huge
punch in powerful information from influential
people who dare to think different…

A new one popped on the scene that I
couldn’t resist watching

It was by a man named Tim Urban


“Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator”

To keep a long story short

Tim explained how throughout his life he
would continuously save important task to be
completed to the very last minute

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry I’ve been guilty of this as well


He continued to explain his theory on how the
brain of a procrastinator works

Simply put…

There’s Mr. Rational Decision Maker that’s
pretty much taken over by a little bastard
known as the instant gratification monkey

The instant gratification monkey focuses on 2

Easy and Fun

If we lived life as a dog or a hippy

This sort of behavior would be fine to experience all
the time

But it’s a little more difficult to function
like this in the crazy world that you and I
live in

By now you’re probably thinking what’s this
got to do with me? (hold tight, as I’m about
to explain)

See, Tim had written a piece on
procrastination before, hence why he was
invited to speak in the first place

And this piece resonated with a lot of
people from all different backgrounds, but
not in the way he thought

The messages he received were about how
procrastination ruined people’s lives

Shocked by the responses

Tim determined that there were 2 types of

Type 1– short term procrastination which is
ruled by deadlines (i.e projects or reports

Type 2– long term procrastination which is
more free flowing and effects things outside
of your career like

-Seeing loved ones

-Exercising and taking care of your health

-Working on relationships

And it’s the long term one that’s never
talked about

It’s suffered in silence

And can result in unhappiness and regret

Making some feel they’ve been simply a
spectator throughout life, not because they
weren’t able to accomplish their goals

But because they couldn’t even start

Sure, every one of us has procrastinator
tendencies, me included

But it’s the ones without deadlines that
suffer the most

That’s exactly why every busy guy I coach has
a set deadline to achieve their goals

Otherwise, they would place no urgency on
themselves and just end up going in circles
trying to get a quick hit from the instant
gratification monkey

A quick-fix per say…

Something you won’t find in here:


Logan Henry- Master Transformational Coach

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Stop. Just Stop.

Alright that’s a wrap

“Now that’s my kind of cardio..that certainly
will take the fat off”

^ words expressed by sir Dusty Garus after yesterday’s coaching session

and he is correct my friend

He couldn’t believe that he could achieve way
more in terms of overall pounds lost in only
20 minutes of time

Just like every other guy I’ve had the honor
of coaching

They were used to doing [and hearing] the
dogma that tons of cardio is the ticket to

And couldn’t stand the thought of even doing
endless amounts of it

Which is actually a good thing


Well because ‘non traditional’ cardio

Hint: the right kind of cardio.. Is a hell of a
lot more effective then endless bouts of
cardio [plus it saves a load of time]

Let me explain:

When you decide to run miles and miles

Hop on the elliptical


Just wander about the gym taking 5 minutes
between each exercise

It’s actually doing you more harm than good

See, if you’re going to do any sort of cardio

Focus on keeping things short and sweet

This will allow you to build your overall
muscular endurance

and in turn have your metabolism go through
the roof

Giving you the ability burn massive amounts
of calories within a 24-48 hour period of

Pretty cool ehh..

Remember my man

Whether you want to believe it or not..

Your body is smart

The moment you start doing long bouts of

It will first use up all your glycogen stores
[ie: any carbs left in your system]

And once those are used up your the next stop
will be any lean tissue you have in your body

All equating to

a wrecked metabolism

slow progression or non at all

and the worst side effect..

The potential of you actually gaining MORE
pounds than when you started..

So in my humble, yet accurate opinion

Stop the cardio you’re used to doing

and take a step outside the box and give this
new workout a try below

I call it ‘Density Domination’

[Click Here to Watch It Now]

Logan ‘Outside the Box’ Henry

PS If you are fed up with the way things have
gotten within your body

and you really want to achieve UNTHINKABLE
results in a condensed period of time

without spending endless hours in the gym or
giving up on quality time with your loved

Then I highly recommend you grab your spot
down here:


before it’s too late

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The 25 Most Awesome Exercises that will Annihilate Your Spare Tire

Tis the season to be Merry..

and for that reason my friend, I’m about to
lay upon you the gift that keeps on giving

Well at least the gift of:

Burning More Fat

Getting rid of your gut

Getting Healthier


Raising those testosterone levels of yours

Without further ado I give to you this:

25 of the Best Fat Loss Exercises to Lose
that Spare of yours for GOOD…

(full video  is below, but stay with me
here for a second)

Aside from losing that gut and all the
external benefits of getting in shape

Let me share something with you that will
give you the ability to show up in ALL areas
of your life at MAXIMUM capacity

Creating more POWER

Let me break things down for you my man

It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how

relentless you might be..

There are a couple of key flaws that could be

stopping your progress my good man..

*You’re not following a periodized plan

If you don’t have a plan you will simply not

make progress.

Whether you want to “tone” up, lean out or
just get in overall better shape

Going through the motions will simply not get

you there. Something all the Modern Man
members are

fully aware of…

*You’re Not Challenging Yourself Enough

I don’t care if you have 20 minutes or 60

minutes to put towards exercise each day..

If you don’t challenge yourself by using

implementing some kind of strength training ,
varying your rep schemes, or

taking shorter rest periods..

Your fat will be in for the long haul and

won’t go anywhere

*Your Testosterone Levels aren’t Optimal

To purge that extra (unwanted) fat from your

body, high testosterone is important to keep

in check

For most clients I recommend at least twice

a week having a diet that is rich in fats

Especially the saturated ones..

Yes, saturated fats

As long as high quality fats aren’t mixed

with a high carbohydrate diet

(low carb on these days)

Than testosterone production will be
flourishing and so

will accelerated weight loss

fish oil high in epa and dha is a must as

—->3-5 grams per day

^^Not only will all of the above purge fat
loss, make you leaner, it will also help keep
things exciting in in the bedroom:)

* Your Sleep Cycle Sucks

I get it, Sleep..

No body has time for that..

You must get back on track though

6 hours minimum

7 is right on point

>>Mind Overwhelmed, work going crazy?

I’m right there with ya my friend

If this is the case..

Try supplementing with powdered magnesium

1 to 2 tsp and you will be relaxation mode

Trust me, your body will thank you for it

*You’re addicted to Cardio

People think

to tone up, get lean, and lose those unwanted pounds that they should just

Ramp up my cardio..


Try instead to hit Weights 2-3x a week (or this video below will hands down trump any kind of cardio you’ve done before )

Another option for you if you have a dire need to run for some reason

Then stick to


These could be the very things holding you

back from change..

With a little tweak and some consistency,

Change is bound to occur


Or you could just break through all the guess
work, speed things up

and follow the simple way..

The LostFit Way:


Logan ‘Tis the season to be leaner’ Henry

PS The 25 Best Exercises for Fat Loss are
captured in this video below

Pick from 5 Different Exercises

Do them all in a row for a duration of 40
seconds each

Then take 10 seconds of break before going
into the next exercise

Take 1 minute rest after each round (after
you complete all 5 exercises in a row)

Complete 4 Rounds Total

Did this help you?

If so let me know by reaching out to me at

PPS Now I understand if you haven’t worked out in a while and the thought of even doing a quick routine like the one above can come off as quite intimidating, but not to fret my friend

I put together a full 2 week all bodyweight plan for you to follow so you can get in shape without having to spend endless hours in the gym and ease you back into the routine of working out.

Get Access to the Full 2 Week Workout (plus a full step-by-step nutrition guide) by clicking HERE


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"This is a system I use at LostFit to get clients predictable results with habit changes right from the beginning without the overwhelm of complex methods. Clients love that they can see the changes while being excited to keep adding more and more. The goal is not complexity and “looking smart”, the goal is getting my clients amazing results that stick for good; and this is how. Download it and use it - it works!" Logan Henry-Founder & Master Transformational Coach at LostFit


The RAW truth about Why the Scale Doesn’t Matter

You’ve probably heard  the phrase ‘The Camera Never Lies’

This couldn’t be more true especially when it comes to keeping track of your success in overall fat loss..

We’re talking real RAW photos here

At times when you’re going through a transformation journey

You will hands down be your biggest critic

Even when those around you begin giving you compliments on how great you’re looking..

You still will beg to differ

Just like I explain in this story about a guy who took the wrong direction in his transformation journey, watch the new video below on Why the Scale DOESN’T matter: 


That’s where Progression photos come in..

As you’ll see below with several LostFit coaching clients

Each of them rapidly lost fat, yet the scale barley budged

Drew T: Started at Around 228 pounds and Over 28% body fat. His final numbers at the end of his transformation journey were 195 pounds at 8% body fat.  That’s 33 pounds lost in overall body weight, but an astounding 20% of body fat dropped.

drew-3-way-newupdated- copy


Russ F:  He Started his transformation journey at around 205 pounds and 19.2% body fat. Towards the end of his journey he was weighing in at around 195 and finishing body fat of 8.5%. That’s only a 10 pound fluctuation in weight, yet he blasted body fat to be able to reveal all his abdominals and unleash his leaner self.



Dalton L:  Dalton started his transformation journey weighing in at 185 pounds and 18.5% body fat.  Towards the end of his transformation he was weighing in at 179 pounds and was sitting at 8% body fat. That’s only a 6 pound drop in overall body weight, but an incredible 10.5% percent drop in overall fat loss.

Dalton Lacey 3-way copy

Shaun Payne: Shaun started his transformation at around 250 pounds and around 26% percent body fat. Towards the end of his transformation he was weighing in around 190 pounds. That’s a 60 pound drop in overall body fat, but what makes the big difference is his entire transformation is his loss of near 20% in body fat. Leaner, Stronger, and More Much More Confident.


Does the scale ever play a factor in your success?

Though it is good to keep track of your overall scale weight to make sure you are not dropping to fast, the scale overall is the least accurate form of measurement.

Using body fat calipers will give you a far more accurate reading on much you’ve actually progressed in your transformation.

(Don’t use the ‘electric’ body calipers, there a waste of money, and no where near as accurate as the standard body fat calipers)

In the end, when it comes to measuring overall success in fat loss. Make sure to stay consistent with progression photos.

Whether it’s every week, every 2 weeks,  or every month..

Just keep taking them

When you get down and you feel like you’re not progressing..

Look back at the photos and the overall measurements

and if a plateau occurs in your fat loss journey..

I will tell you how to conquer that in a later post 🙂


You can discover how all the members of the LostFit family break through plateaus fast by

going here:


Until Next Time My Friend

Logan “Ditch The Scale’ Henry

PS Just in case you missed the vid I posted, check it out below