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The RAW truth about Why the Scale Doesn’t Matter

You’ve probably heard  the phrase ‘The Camera Never Lies’

This couldn’t be more true especially when it comes to keeping track of your success in overall fat loss..

We’re talking real RAW photos here

At times when you’re going through a transformation journey

You will hands down be your biggest critic

Even when those around you begin giving you compliments on how great you’re looking..

You still will beg to differ

Just like I explain in this story about a guy who took the wrong direction in his transformation journey, watch the new video below on Why the Scale DOESN’T matter: 


That’s where Progression photos come in..

As you’ll see below with several LostFit coaching clients

Each of them rapidly lost fat, yet the scale barley budged

Drew T: Started at Around 228 pounds and Over 28% body fat. His final numbers at the end of his transformation journey were 195 pounds at 8% body fat.  That’s 33 pounds lost in overall body weight, but an astounding 20% of body fat dropped.

drew-3-way-newupdated- copy


Russ F:  He Started his transformation journey at around 205 pounds and 19.2% body fat. Towards the end of his journey he was weighing in at around 195 and finishing body fat of 8.5%. That’s only a 10 pound fluctuation in weight, yet he blasted body fat to be able to reveal all his abdominals and unleash his leaner self.



Dalton L:  Dalton started his transformation journey weighing in at 185 pounds and 18.5% body fat.  Towards the end of his transformation he was weighing in at 179 pounds and was sitting at 8% body fat. That’s only a 6 pound drop in overall body weight, but an incredible 10.5% percent drop in overall fat loss.

Dalton Lacey 3-way copy

Shaun Payne: Shaun started his transformation at around 250 pounds and around 26% percent body fat. Towards the end of his transformation he was weighing in around 190 pounds. That’s a 60 pound drop in overall body fat, but what makes the big difference is his entire transformation is his loss of near 20% in body fat. Leaner, Stronger, and More Much More Confident.


Does the scale ever play a factor in your success?

Though it is good to keep track of your overall scale weight to make sure you are not dropping to fast, the scale overall is the least accurate form of measurement.

Using body fat calipers will give you a far more accurate reading on much you’ve actually progressed in your transformation.

(Don’t use the ‘electric’ body calipers, there a waste of money, and no where near as accurate as the standard body fat calipers)

In the end, when it comes to measuring overall success in fat loss. Make sure to stay consistent with progression photos.

Whether it’s every week, every 2 weeks,  or every month..

Just keep taking them

When you get down and you feel like you’re not progressing..

Look back at the photos and the overall measurements

and if a plateau occurs in your fat loss journey..

I will tell you how to conquer that in a later post 🙂


You can discover how all the members of the LostFit family break through plateaus fast by

going here:

Until Next Time My Friend

Logan “Ditch The Scale’ Henry

PS Just in case you missed the vid I posted, check it out below



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