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Women, Weights, & Winning

I will get Big, Bulky, and Manly..

^The Top 3 Things I hear constantly from the women I meet or from those whom I’ve coached before..

Weights are scary and society has pushed against it for women looking to get in better shape.

I understand their initial hesitation..

There’s also the fact that across all weight rooms, it’s somewhat more of a barbaric scene going on over by the weights and it
doesn’t seem very inviting for most women

Well my lady, here is your cordial invitation to take control of the weight room..

Screw the guys, it’s your domain too..

And it should be

Here’s why…

Weights: Making You Sexy, Tight & Fit

I want you to ask yourself, do I just want to lose weight or do I want to look better?

^^There’s a big difference between the two

If you were to drop say fifteen pounds, but you still looked exactly the same, would you be satisfied?

Probably not..


You achieved the look of your favorite celebrity or cover model, but you weighed exactly the same or maybe even more…

I think with result number would be pretty damn happy, regardless of what the scale said..

Training WITHOUT weights= Flabby and Flaccid

Training WITH weights= Tight, Toned, and Shapely

The Cardio Conundrum

Walk into any facility around you and you will most likely see the cardio area filled to the max..

Most would think that is the way to losing weight and getting the results they desire..


Cardio will indeed burn you calories, but not in the way weight training does.

Your goal should be to stimulate your muscle fibers.

Why in the world would you want to do that?

Because if you want a tight, yet firm bikini body, you must train your muscles

Not only that, but you will burn twice (if not more) calories from lifting weights

Your body experiences an after burn effect or otherwise known as EPOC

“Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption”

If you do traditional cardio (which I can only hope you stop doing after reading this)

your body will immediately stop burning calories the moment your done

However, lifting weights will send your metabolic rate through the roof and have you burning calories like a machine for up to 48 hours

I’m just SCARED, I’ll get Big & Bulky..

It’s time to ditch this train of thought..

Let me open your mind to the truth

First off, women don’t produce nearly enough testosterone as the male counterpart does

These women you see on a bodybuilding stage..we’re talking the He-Woman look a likes here

They have a little help from some magic supplements that will assist them in higher testosterone levels..

So unless your using an outside source, there is no need to worry.

You need to focus on consistency in both key areas of training and nutrition..

Be expending more energy and eating more calories than you burn, your fat loss will Accelerate at a rapid pace..

I understand now, but where do I begin?

Great, now that you have a new mindset, there’s still one hurdle to jump through- where in the world to start

  • >If your new to lifting, I would honestly recommend hiring a coach.

You will learn proper technique and it will be well worth the investment.

  • >If you want rapid results, sticking to technique and form is crucial  for your success.
  • >Think form first over everything. Again, this is where a great coach can come in hand to assist you.
  • >Don’t wonder endlessly in the gym or stay for hours. 3-4 trainings a week at 40-50 minutes will get the job done

Your Outline

~Skip the machines, free weights will be your best friend

~Master the basic primal movements: Deadlifts, Squats, and Bench Press

~Going for strong–>lift between 5-8 reps with challenging weight

~Going for endurance–>go slightly lighter, but remained challenged at 12-20 reps.

~Keep confusion on point for your body. If you don’t switch things up periodically you won’t change.

Basic Outline

Now that we have that down, try this one next time your at the gym

A1- Back Squats~ 6 Reps

A2-Sumo Dumbbell Squats ~10 Reps

A3- Glute Bridges ~12 Reps

A4- Stiff Legged Dumbbell Deadlifts~ 15 Reps

3 Rounds with a 60-75 second rest after each round is complete

This one will work wonders for the booty 🙂

Make sure you warm up properly by performing a couple of lighter sets to wake your body up and get the blood flowing.

Logan “Sexy Back” Henry

PS If you need help or your still confused on the the right protocol for you. Click the link below to Apply for a Strategy Session. This way we can have a conversation to see what current obstacles are holding you back and finally give you clarity to achieve the results you desire.

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Bonus: Superhuman Development: Heroic Abdominals

Heroic Abdominals is the final addition to the incredible Superhuman Development Series. There is no better way to finish off this incredible series than with hardcore abs! We will attack all areas of your abdominals to make sure you develop a strong superhuman core.

By the way,

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Kill it guys,

Logan Henry

Pure Independence Workout

Happy 4th of July Everyone! Since were celebrating a day of freedom, I felt it was my duty to provide you with a workout that represents pure independence.

Here is the Wild Card Workout that’s featured inside this weeks Inner Circle Weekly Trainer:
BB Squat: 6

Reps 3:1 Tempo (Heavy)

Deadlifts: 6 Reps 3:1 Tempo (Heavy)
Bear Crawls 25 Crawls
You will complete a total of two, 6minute rounds, only resting for 60
seconds after each round: keep a timer on you complete as many
rounds as possible within the 6 minute time period

Overhead Press: 8 Reps 2:1 Tempo
Flat Bench Press: 8 Reps 2:1 tempo
Jump Squats 25 total
You will complete a total of two, six minute rounds, only resting 60
seconds after each round: keep a timer on you complete as many
rounds as possible within the 6 minute time period

Fight the good fight brothers,

Logan Henry

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New: Summer Sprint Workout

In this video I will take you through an effective HIIT workout that will have you burning fat and most importantly mobilizing body fat. When you mobilize body fat your able to use fatty acids as fuel. This workout is quick and dirty, but will have you spent by the end of it. If you need more details on membership click here.

New Section: Lost Conditioning

Lost Conditioning is a New Section added inside the Lostfit Member Section. It will feature intense conditioning complexes that range from bodyweight complexes to barbell complexes. Conditioning must be acquired if you want to obtain the elite physique. These workouts will always challenge you to push beyond your comfort zone and will never be the same. Reach your full potential both physically and mentally today! Not a member, no problem, click here to learn more. Below is an example of a Barbell Complex that is featured amongst many inside Lost Conditioning.

1) Front Squat- 5 X 8 Reps (Challenging Weight)
2) Standing Barbell Press- 5X8
3) Bent over Barbell Row- 5×8
4) Deadlifts- 5X8
5 Rounds- 60 sec rest between each round

The Ultimate Exercise

If you want to develop not only your back, but a strong core as well than you have to start doing pull-ups. I’ve mentioned it before, but I can’t stress it enough. Functional training methods using only your body weight truly test your central nervous system and can be a lot more challenging on your body to handle.

Here’s a tip:
Start doing pull ups every morning and every night for a full month. Now there are several variations to pull ups. Wide, Neutral, Close Grip, Reverse Grip, etc. Just focus on mastering one technique before going to the other. Even if it’s just one pull up a day, you will see great progress come the end of the month. If you can’t make it to the gym to do pull ups than try getting yourself a cheap pull up bar that you can put in your door way.