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Shaun’s big secret…(to an unstoppable transformation)

“I had a goal to reach below 210 before my
upcoming beach vacation…”

Ahh the triple dots..

(the anticipation of awaiting an imessage
to come through..if you have an iphone you
know exactly what I’m talking about)

Next message..

“209.6….and I even had pizza last

^^This was the message I received early this
morning from my man Shaun P.

Loyal LostFit Family Member


All around great guy

Shaun has made progression every single week
during his transformation journey…

-Dropping at least 1.5 to 3 pounds of body
fat per week





Did I mention

He’s way more confident


Smiling from ear to ear..:)

What’s his secret..


He’s Listened



Applied the tools I’ve provided him with

Never making excuses

Never trying to go against the plan

Always showing up to every training
regardless of how he FEELS

Not so much of a secret is it my friend..

You might be thinking..

“That’s great for him, but he probably has
the time..”

No where near

Shaun is hard working busy professional, who
travels daily, constantly on the go..

Deals with Stresses both at Work and Home

On top of all the typical daily stresses he
faces and the little time he has..

He’s always

Showing up to put the WORK in

On point with his nutrition

Getting to enjoy foods he loves..


He’s eating pizza and still getting leaner


Constantly progressing and still
having a LIFE

Pre LostFit

He was facing your typical ups and downs:



-Constantly tired

-Feeling a lack of fulfillment

Terrified of what would happen if he didn’t address

these issues any sooner

Sure he’s tried putting in effort before..

The popular ‘at home’ workouts

Different diet fads

Going through endless motions at the gym ‘solo’

^^All efforts spread throughout a long period
of time with little to no outcome

See, Shaun took the time to invest himself

To become a part of something

Instead of just trying to piece things
together on his own..

As humans we tend to do everything in the
slowest fashion possible..

What might seem like a ‘Quick Fix’

The greatest workout DVD


My favorite..

The ‘perfect diet’

All just piles up to numerous different
attempts to try and

Cut Corners


Worse..”Save Money”

With little to no sustainable outcome

In reality you end up costing your self more

More of the one thing you can never get more


Equating to you getting the results you want
while actually getting spending more time
doing the things you care most about in your life

Enjoy time with loved ones


Doing things that make you happier

Regardless of what you decide to do with it

Time is limited

Tomorrow is never promised

Shaun realized this and took CONTROL of his
own outcome:

Logan “Go After It” Henry

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My Un-Censored opinion on “Supplements”

Flashing back to a question I had earlier this week…

The one saying…

“Hey if I take this fat burner..will I get rid of my belly fat?
(pretty much the first question I’m always asked)

The answer..


No you won’t

Let me explain my friend..

Too many times I see people looking for the “magic pill” or the quick fix..

I get it though, instant gratification is what we all desire

that’s why marketing has taken over the masses, making false promises that aren’t reality

Don’t get me wrong there are a few that I recommend..

but only if everything else is in check..

Let’s start from the bottom

You want to

**Lose Weight

**Get Lean


**Increase Confidence

**Increase intimacy with your better half or partner

**Have more energy to keep up with your loved ones

and pretty much

UNLEASH your BEST body ever


Than let’s take a look at your current REALITY

-What does your current training routine look like?

-What does your daily nutrition look like?

-What do your sleep habits look like?

-Are your stress levels under control?

-How about Hydration? (not talking booze here amigo)

^^^Answer all the above first


and only than

do supplements ever come into play..

by how much you say?

about 5%

That’s it..

See, supplements only aid you if everything else is on point..

Going through the endless motions at the gym just to check the box and say you did


Doing endless amounts of “cardio” (which I strongly recommend against, I explain more here)

is the first thing you need to fix

Something everyone knows within the LFIT family

Like Coaching Client Shaun P..

Before joining the LFIT Family, he had spent years trying to get in shape with little to no success

Now he’s killing it every week

In fact this week he’s surpassed his weekly fat loss goals

Saying “Every morning I get up the scale keeps getting lower and lower..!”

(more on his success in a future post, trust me it’s pretty awesome) 🙂

What’s different?

Quite Simple..

He stopped doing the same things day in and day out that were getting him nowhere..
And finally laid some ground work with the help of LostFit:

-Specific Training Protocol- designed to help accelerate fat loss and get results

-Specific Nutrition fit for his lifestyle and his end state goals

-Support from everyone within the LFIT FAM

-He’s sleeping like a baby

-Stress is under control

-Drinking water like a fish

And as far as supplements are concerned…

He’s aware there not the answer to his end state goals, but here’s the few that he does take

-Whey Protein Isolate (to help repair the tissue within the cells)

-High Potency Fish Oil (at least 3-5 grams of EPA and DHA)

-Multivitamin (or a healthy greens supplement)

-Glutamine (to support his immune function and overall digestive health)

-Essential Amino Acids (to help activate continued protein synthesis and help with repair)

^as for the last one in non science talk..

(basically to assist protein do more of the job it’s require to do..REPAIR)

That’s it my friend

No special fat burner

No “Magic” Pill

No quick fix

Are any of these truly necessary to take..?


As I said they only aid in performance and recover, but don’t solve the entire equation
And problems won’t be solved until something finally changes

Logan “Laying the Ground Work” Henry

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The secrets of Magic Joe (accelerated fat loss)

An incredible lean body created by a wild
caffeine concoction…

Is it possible?

Let me explain


We love it, we adore it, we just can’t seem
to escape it.

As I sit here in Starbucks, watching the
bearded hipsters get their creative work

I’m reminded of how much coffee is an
essential part of everyday life..

I don’t know about you, but I can’t even
think straight without a delicious cup of joe
by my side…

Whether it’s a caramel double filled espresso
or white chocolate dream, we always find
pleasure when taking down the first sip of
our liquid gold..

Besides tasting damn good and getting are day

Coffee can also be one hell of helper when it
comes to fat loss and just looking better

It takes the special cup of joe to get the
job done though..

Not that I’m hating on your triple flavored
bedazzled latte…

But if a cup of joe done right every day
could have you ditching the oversized clothes..

to become leaner, fitter and overall more

Wouldn’t you give it a shot…?

It’s all about adding the right things..

Your Sugar

Your Creamer

^Hold back on those for now (one packet of
splenda now and than won’t hurt, I said one,
not 4 spoonfuls hombre)

Instead add these two simple ingredients

-1 TBSP of Coconut Oil

-1/2 scoop of Whey Isolate Protein
Powder..flavor is up to you, but vanilla
usually goes well

Stir it up and go..

It’s really that simple

Why would you do this?

Let me dive a little deeper..

In the morning your body is primed to burn

Most people ruin this opportunity by slamming
down a huge hardy breakfast..

I’m not hating on breakfast..but in reality
it really is the least important meal of the

^(I explain why it’s not important in this post here)

but beyond just burning body fat your body is
optimized to mobilize body fat..

Which is what you want when it comes to
squeezing fat out of all those trouble areas

The Belly

The Love Handles
It’s really a genie in a cup..there to grant
you the wish of being more fit

Give it a shot and let me know your thoughts

Logan “The Magic Joe” Henry

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Next Stop Paradise: (Avoid this ONE thing if you want Results)

Had some great feedback the other day for
some upcoming video Q&A

Got some excellent questions, but one in
particular stuck out to me..

‘Logan, love the emails and I’m excited to
see the upcoming videos, but quick question..

Every time I try to get back in shape I
always start out with the greatest
intentions, but midway through I fall off

Any suggestions on how to stay consistent and
avoid this from happening?’

I understand completely..

Staying on point and keeping consistent can
be a tough, but let me break down how to
avoid this trap..

Before, I break this down..

I’m currently taking on new coaching clients
at the moment

You can apply for one of the open 14 day trial slots
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1. Having Uninformed Optimism

Also known as “Bright & Shiny Object

“Bring it on” “This time will be different, I
just know it”

People looking for the magic pill Those who
are always ” starting on Monday”

This can also be known as the “Rainbows, Fairies, and Unicorns Phase..”

Motivated, Pumped, and Ready to kill it..

However..this never lasts long

2. Next up: Informed pessimism

When you actually realize it’s actually going
to require you to put in work

It’s not going to be as EASY as you initially

(Simple never means easy)

Have you ever played golf…?

Prime example of this

In this stage you will feel constant
resistance and begin telling yourself the
usual stories…

“I’m fine”

“Things are ok”

“I’m happy just as

I am” “Could be worse..”

3. The infamous Valley of Despair

This is where most surrender or quit..

ALL the benefits you once envisioned in the
beginning don’t seem as important..

All you feel is constant resistance, pain,
and frustration

The goal or payoff seems way out of reach..

People end up  taking the easy route and end up
looping right back into the crap they were
doing before..

So how do you take control and charge at warp
speed through the valley of despair and reach
the sacred land of results…?

It boils down to your level of commitment..

Are you going to do what you said you were
going to do…?

Yes or No (Maybe doesn’t cut it)

It’s that simple

To top it off, write this one down my friend

“Only when the pain of staying where you are
becomes more painful than the pain of change,
will change actually happen”

4. Then we have Informed Optimism

You show up every day

Your consistent DAILY actions are on point

That is what will determine your results

Don’t worry about perfection…

Strive for consistency

Detach from the outcome..

Keep training and hitting the gym Keep
conscious of your food intake Keep MOVING


From the process..

It’s when you’re not seeing results for your
efforts put in, that you will learn the most

Difference of surrendering in the valley of
despair and pushing into informed optimism..

Learning your lessons

Then all the actions you put forth will begin
to bear all the fruit you’ve been longing for

Because when it comes down to actions done

Habits are born..

And habits will determine RESULTS..

5. Finally, we have success and FULFILLMENT

AKA–>The Holy Grail

One thing people don’t usually talk about
when it comes to achieving a results is..

Keeping SCORE

How do you know if you’re winning or moving
forward if you don’t keep score?

Another key to leave you with..

Lack of scoring leads to
more–>Rationalization about why you failed..

You end up blaming others for your failures

Logan “Charge the Valley” Henry

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Discovering Happiness- Brad’s Transformation Journey

Discover Brad’s Story Below:

-His realization of how he was getting to the point of letting himself go

-After seeing his wife’s transformation he was inspired to take the next step and take care of himself

-His results both internally and externally 

-Dropping more than 11% body fat half way through his training

-Beyond the external, Brad experienced internal benefits such as overall happiness and more confidence 

-Expressing how he had more energy to keep up with the ones he loves the most in his life


I am beyond proud of the determination, focus, and ruthless commitment this man has had throughout his entire transformation journey

With the right amount of Accountability, Access, and Association, Brad was unstoppable

View the rest of his story below





27 Ways To Burn More Fat & Get Lean (Part 2)

Now it’s time to wrap up the 27 Series on Burning More Fat & Getting Lean

Let’s unleash that lean, fit body with part 2

14. Be Strategic with  Snacking: Day or Night

Cravings come an go, everyone has them, but the key is to manage how you control these cravings. Regardless of what you’ve heard before about “not eating past 6” or “don’t eat carbs” at night, I’m here to free you of that nonsense..

Yes, if you are in a current overweight or out of shape state you will have to monitor the overall calories to take in, but just be smart when it comes to picking the right foods.

Some quick go to snacks that I recommend are things such as: a small bowl of greek yogurt with a little protein powder mixed in, cottage cheese, almonds or any kind of nuts, beef jerky  and if you get to the point where you’re progressively getting leaner than let’s put a smile on that face because more carbs will be your friend later in the evening than at any other point of the day (more on this in my next post)

15. Surround Yourself With Support

It’s easy when being on the go, being social, and being amongst those who love you that you can get cornered by those who don’t really have the same mindset as you or even worse their currently out of shape and think you’re nuts for wanting to change. Listen, they mean well, but they just might be fearful of what might happen if you change. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So choose wisely. Go out, enjoy yourself, but always keep your end state goals in mind, don’t focus on the external naysayers.

16. Balance Your Nutrition

Become conscious of the food you are taking in on a daily basis. Stick to predominately whole foods throughout the day consisting of things like lean protein, essential fats, and veggies. If you maintain this for quite sometime, take 10-20% of the day to enjoy your favorite treat. I would rather you take in something small than 3 days down the road start overeating or binging on everything you see.

17. Start Tracking

When you are first starting out within your fat loss stage, you want to make sure you are conscious of the food you are eating. Download a calorie tracker on your phone to be aware of the amount of calories you’re taking in each and every day. This doesn’t have to be forever, but if you’re not aware of why you’re not getting results this will help keep everything in check

18. Create Consistent Habits

Look, when you start off the initial change will be challenging. Just make sure to start off at a steady pace and not try to win the race in one week. Keep consistent day by day and create habits that will last.

19. Chew Gum

This might sound ridiculous, but it seriously helps. When chewing gum your body triggers a hormonal response that will trick your brain into thinking that you are actually eating food. As ten to fifteen minutes pass, your urge to devour anything in sight will come to a halt.

20. Maintain the Right Mindset

The process of losing fat and transforming your body can be a process. It will take commitment, persistence , and patience. During your transformation journey, obstacles will occur in your life that will make it challenging for you to keep progressing and you must remain in a positive mindset and block out any negativity that comes your way.

21. Recover Properly

On the days you’re not as active, make sure you to do things like foam rolling, stretching, or light walks to keep active blood flow going.

22. Increase Your Fiber Intake

You want to make sure your keeping your digestive system on track and that your gut can easily break down the nutrients you are putting inside your body. Make sure to shoot for at least 20-30 grams of fiber per day.

23. Hit Your Core 4

> Body, Being, Balance, and Business < This is to ensure that you are keeping balance in all areas of life because if one is off, everything else will drop off as well

24. Simmer Down on the Alcohol

When you are starting off in your fat loss journey you need to make sure to cut back on the booze so that your body can easily mobilize fat from the cells. Your liver won’t be able to oxidize fat and this will your bodies ability to efficiently burn calories.

25.Turn to White Liquor

Tuning into the fact that you should enjoy life and not be a hermit, just stick to the occasional drink that contains white liquor. This will not have as much sugar as say beer or wine. Enjoy yourself, just don’t overdo it.

26. Eat Plenty of Greens

Though eating veggies might not be the most exciting thing in the world it’s important. The extra fiber nutrients contained in veggies is great and there are essential micronutrients that will help support recovery and your bodies immune system.

27. Enjoy the Journey

This might be hard to process, but keep things exciting. If you have been doing the same mundane routine, switch it up. If you have been eating the same foods day in and day out, switch it up. We tend to become complacent in the way we do things, but if your going to transform there’s no since in having an unhappy journey.

Take these tips and start implementing them into your daily strategies so that you can accelerate your fat loss and become leaner

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