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The Ultimate Exercise

If you want to develop not only your back, but a strong core as well than you have to start doing pull-ups. I’ve mentioned it before, but I can’t stress it enough. Functional training methods using only your body weight truly test your central nervous system and can be a lot more challenging on your body to handle.

Here’s a tip:
Start doing pull ups every morning and every night for a full month. Now there are several variations to pull ups. Wide, Neutral, Close Grip, Reverse Grip, etc. Just focus on mastering one technique before going to the other. Even if it’s just one pull up a day, you will see great progress come the end of the month. If you can’t make it to the gym to do pull ups than try getting yourself a cheap pull up bar that you can put in your door way.

Limitless Fat Burn

If you want fat loss in a hurry than your best bet is to give HIIT a try. High Intensity Interval Training has been proven to burn fat quickly while still holding on to your hard earned muscle. All you need is a little time, effort, and drive to push your body past it’s limits. ¬†Below is a HIIT session for you to try out. Look for more workouts like this one inside the members section. If your not a member yet, click here for details.

HIIT Session:

4×100 YD Sprints- warm up

25×20 YD Sprints- (10 sec rest)

Bear Crawls 25 YDs than sprint 50 YDs than Bear Crawls another 25YDs (100YDs total) X2 (30 sec rest)

5×50 YD Sprints- (15 sec rest)

7×70 YD Sprints (20 sec rest)

Mountain Climbers 25 reps into 50 YD sprints (jog back to starting position) 10 total

You should be drenched in sweat and one step closer to the body you’ve been working hard for!