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You will never get results until you do this

Giving it a go here and there doesn’t ever
cut it

Especially when it comes to reaching success
across all areas within your




It comes down to one simple thing:


It’s the only..

I repeat

the ONLY way

You’re going to get true RESULTS that last

We tend to live in a society where

‘Instant Gratification’

is like an addicting drug that we can’t seem
to get enough of..

Once we get a little taste of it we tend to
get all fired up

I understand you’re only doing what you think
might be right

but the ‘quick fix’


the ‘cheap programs’ out there

Only give you the moment of ‘feeling good’

for about 2.5 seconds

Then all the sudden you come down


Life throws a curve ball at you and

Smacks you right in the face

See, these only work to get you started

Acting as a mere catalyst to getting you what
you really want

Problem is, it can only get you so far

That’s why to succeed you must get radically


What you want

Why you want it

What Path will you take get you there


What Plan will get you your desired outcome

When I talk to with people on a mission to
change their lives

I have them tell me their ultimate goals


after that

If they can’t give me a good reason as to why
these goals are important to them

I know when obstacles begin to occur in their
life during their transformation

They won’t have enough energy to keep moving
them forward

I’d have you consider implementing small

CONSISTENT habits daily

Then trying to hit

A damn home run every time you want to
achieve something

Magic will happen

Just sit back for a second while you’re
reading this

Think what it would be like to have a

Blueprint specifically tailored for your

that will guide you step-by-step along your
transformation journey

You not only get results (physically and

but they are there to stay

LONG term

If you keep talking about all the great
things you plan on achieving

-Losing Weight

-Being more active

-Fitting within your clothes better

-Showing up for your partner by the renewed
body you’ve created

-Conquering everyday as if it were your last

Then You will achieve

Absolutely nothing

You MUST do the work needed to constantly hit
your goals

I’m here to keep things real with you and not
tell you what you want to hear

I care about you getting true results

The moment I started associating myself with
people who were willing

to tell me like it was


Call me out on my BS when I needed it

Gave me the chance to level up and make
massive changes

that would better my life ten fold

Associate and surround yourself with those
who are willing to tell you like it is

So you get what you actually want

Instead of a false sense of reality

Just like the association everyone gets in

Logan ‘Real Talk’ Henry

P.S If you’re really struggling to see that
the better you are the better everyone else
around you is


You OWE it to yourself to give more to those
who are closest to you then give it a go

X marks the spot..(simple trick to a better body)

A couple weeks back, I had a chance to tune into

a special

Sunday Morning

If you aren’t in tune with this show yet

Get on it my friend..

Every Sunday Morning on CBS


They had the late great

Jerry Seinfeld on for
a special interview

Besides collecting cars or

driving around in his awesome

Old Ferrari he treasures so much

He still continues to perfect his craft

Going into small

(sometimes run down)

Comedy joints every week to perform..

Now, why would a successful guy

who’s worth millions

Continue to do such a thing..?


It keeps him on his toes so he can continue

to create awesome jokes


Never lose track of what made him what he is today

Pure genius

There’s another trick that this man has done
throughout his career to continue

to produce great results for himself

It’s something I have everyone within

The LostFit Elite do throughout their transformation

What is it..?


With a

big red


Let me explain..

Pay CLOSE attention to the parts I’ve
“Bolded” as they can be MASSIVE for your success

“He said to become a great comedian he needed
to write every day”

“He than explained that he had a big wall
calendar, that showed the entire year on one

Next he would take a big red marker

and put a big red “X” over every day he completed his

After several days you will begin to create
this chain, that will grow longer and longer
as the days go on”

Your only goal being…

to NOT break the chain

Daily action builds HABITS

You might have heard the saying

“inch by inch is a cinch”


but only if you
can move an inch everyday

Seinfeld didn’t care..

If he had the drive or not

If he was writing jokes or not (he just had
to write something)

The only thing that mattered was not breaking
the chain

Truly simple, yet EFFECTIVE advice

Want to get a better body?

do some kind of training everyday (even if
it’s for only a ten minute walk)

Don’t break the chain

Want to instill better nutrition habits?

Start with balance and slowly cut back on all
the crap you eat

Don’t break the chain

Want to DOMINATE at anything?

do whatever it is you want to get better at


Don’t break the chain

Taking advice from a guy that’s been in the
trenches and is STILL doing it today

just rapidly ACCELERATES your results

You can get the advice and tools you need to
start drawing your X over here:​

Logan “X marks the Spot ” Henry

Why you should eat more of this..(increased fat loss, improved sex life)

If there’s one common thing I see neglected in most individuals nutritional regimen it’s FAT

I get it though

People have been brainwashed to think that having fat within their diet is bad, but it’s just as important

as getting all of your proteins and carbohydrates in. Without enough fat in your diet it will wreak havoc

on your bodies overall functions, especially when it comes to getting results and optimizing hormones.

In this video below I dive deep on why you shouldn’t fear fats, why their important, and which ones you must avoid.



Don’t F.E.A.R Fats

Don’t be scared to eat fat. Whether you are hesitant to eat fat because you think it will cause you to gain fat or increase your chances of getting diseases, I’ d have you

consider to think differently. Fats are just as crucial as getting in enough protein and carbohydrates.

Society has been driven to believe that fats are bad, but as long as you apply the correct knowledge and  keep your fats balanced within your nutritional regimen, I promise you will be fine.

Why Fats are Crucial

Fat’s help create a mass portion of cells within in your body. The outside of your cell membranes are predominately held together from fat sources. They give your cells the ability to move nutrients in and out of the cell it self. Giving your cells a chance to recover and repair properly. If you neglect to get enough fats within your diet, your cells won’t have the energy to function properly.

Everyone always thinks protein, protein, protein when it comes to rebuilding cellular tissue.

Fats are just as important in this role as protein is.

Fats are essential for optimizing your hormones and increasing your overall performance in both training and life.

If your goal is to get leaner, lose more body fat, and perform at maximum capacity at the beach, in the bedroom, and at the office

Then make sure to get your fats in

The Best Ones

As I always say- Do the Simple. That’s why I’ve created a list for you.

  • Coconut Oil
  • Fish Oil Supplement (High in EPA & DHA)
  • Nut butters: almond butter, peanut butter
  • Omega 3 Fat’s from sea food sources
  • Grass-fed beef is a great choice

Avoid these at all Costs

Trans Fats

These fats have been modified and shouldn’t be ingested within in your body. These are commonly found in fast food places, burger joints, and high level processed foods.  Steer clear of these and you are golden my friend.

Logan ‘Eat More Fat’ Henry

P.S If you are having trouble reaching enough fats within your nutritional regimen, you’re confused on how much to take in or you just want step by step guidance in  your transformation journey go here:


Unicorns & Results…

After finishing up a busy one yesterday

I got a chance to spend some time with my
better half

At times there is usually some type of binging
going on..

I’m not talking food or drinking here my friend

I’m talking…


Admit it

You’ve binged watched one or two series

House of Cards

Sons of Anarchy

Breaking Bad

Orange is the New Black

And out of all of these series it’s very
tough to just watch

One episode..

Remember when netflix first came out

and everyone raved about the dvd sleeves you
could get in the mail..

At the time it was cool, plus they basically
took Blockbuster to their knees

(which blockbuster could have opted in to own
netflix in the beginning..

but decided against
it..Bad Move on their part)


Since there were very few streaming series to

I remember constantly ordering the

One movie in particular caught my eye..

‘The Secret’

Now, before you checkout and go back to

Stay with me here

I’m not about the whole

“Believe it & it will happen mantra”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a positive guy, but I
also know

To get exactly what you want in life has nothing to
do with the actual

Idea or Thought you have in your head..

But the EXECUTION you choose to do (or) not
to do

In reality

When it comes down to the goals you want to


Actually getting the Body you want

The only thing that matters is




NOT What you ‘hope for’

NOT what you ‘dream of’

NOT what you ‘talk’ about

It’s WHAT YOU DO that will determine whether
or not you reach what you want to achieve


Because when you face reality and start

Stepping into the zone of discomfort

That’s when the RESULTS will come my friend

Everyone within the LostFit coaching realm
has stopped ‘talking’ and has actually

Started ‘DOING’ by being here:

Logan ‘No Unicorns Here, Just Results’ Henry

PS Thoughts don’t become things

An idea without execution is poverty my

Start executing:

Message from Tyler…(how to unleash your best body ever)

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that
we’re free to do anything.”

I’ve watched “Fight Club” for
what seems to be a million times…

Merely for the crazy (soap making antics) of
sir Tyler Durden..

But going beyond the close bond between the
men or the brutal underground fights

(glad I’m a lover not a fighter)

I recognized a deeper underlying message
within this movie

(don’t worry I won’t get all Kumbaya
on ya)

But the one thing it truly represents is..

Seizing the day.

Carpe Diem..

Showing how many people originally set goals
in their lives, but get distracted from
irrelevant FEARS


end up in a continuous cycle of mediocrity

Allow me to explain myself my friend




All come down to the consistent choices made
in your everyday life

If you are to concerned on

Self sabotage


Making  Excuses
Procrastinating on anything in your life…

Than you must get clear


and do something to turn things around

If you are not happy with the current state
of your body, start a new exercise program

If you feel down, make an effort to do
something you love at least ten minutes a day

If you feel stressed, kick back and have some
YOU time (all in good taste of course)

If you don’t enjoy healthy foods, start by
taking small steps and keeping balance within
your diet

(you’d be surprised on what you can
get away with, while still getting lean)

The bottom line is this..

The things that we RESIST the most out of the
life are the exact things that will PROVIDE
the most

You can choose to stay where you are by
telling yourself lies like:

“I don’t have time”


“I’m different than the others, nothing will
work for me”

Or you can finally create a difference in
you’re life a change for the better and
actually be who YOU really want to be

Simply by taking the next step here:

Logan ‘breaking rules’ Henry

P.S If you are fed up trying to figure things out on your own, you’re tired of how things have become and you’re ready to take the next step in your body transformation

go here:

This way we can have a conversation to see where you’re currently at right now

what struggles you might be facing


get down to what it is you ultimately want to achieve.

The guaranteed path to real results is ________________.

Got a chance to indulge in some crazy

(yet epic)

Extinct adventures this past weekend

By catching a glimpse at non other than..

Jurassic World


Incredible Film

Of course there are no “Jeff Goldblum” one

but it does serve justice when it comes to
pure entertainment my friend

Without spoiling too much for you

Everything is based in Modern day times

Us “Humans”

Aren’t so impressed by much of anything..

(we are so hard to impress these days)

Including damn dinosaurs..

All everyone wants is




Might I add


So they decide to cook something special up
in the lab…

Don’t worry…

I’ll let you catch it for
yourself to find out exactly what they did


One thing that they brought back in similar
form, but also showed a new side of their
bad ass selves was..

The Velociraptors

Yet this time around they are behaving with
same intelligence of our modern day animals

Respecting humans and cooperating with what
ever signals are thrown at them

But besides behaving differently

There is one distinct characteristic about them that
hasn’t changed

Their ability to run in packs..

Never going ALONE



Fun (if you want to call it that)

You name it

Everything they do

Is as ONE

With the ability to perform feats like taking
on dinosaurs 10 times larger than them..

Reminds me of all the busy professionals
within the LostFit family..




Confused on where to start

Truly unhappy with their physical presence

The way it’s effecting those closest to them in life

Whether it be the confidence to take on new


The ability to have more energy to get
through the day

They wanted more…

Regardless if it’s through LostFit in person or online..

With everything out there at there finger

The number ONE thing I always come
across that someone is lacking is true


Not some rep counter, who’s either too into
themselves to realize you’re there


Even worse someone more out of shape trying
to give guidance on transforming your body..

(I never quite understood that)

See, going through any journey of change can
be a tough road


Without accountability and constant support

Making it to the GOALS you truly want

Can be almost damn near impossible

Regardless of the accountability they get
from me

They get massive support from everyone else
within the group

And to be 100% honest with you..

No one

I repeat

NO one

Likes going through a difficult journey of
change alone…

Me included my friend

When someone is having an ‘off’ week or
struggles within everyday life..

The group is always there as a whole

Making sure everyone is on point with hitting
their goals and most important of all..

Holding everyone accountable for all the
things they said they would ACCOMPLISH

when they started their transformation

The excuses

The stories

All fall by the waste side

And something unique happens as an unbreakable bond is formed..

Making each of them UNSTOPPABLE

Stop going solo

Start being held accountable for all the goals you wish to achieve

Right along side all the other ambitious busy
professionals who ride as one here:

Logan ‘Unstoppable’ Henry

PS  Beat the BS and Unlock the RAW secrets to Burning More Fat & Finally Unleash your Best Body ever with my famous LostFit Formula here:

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