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X marks the spot..(simple trick to a better body)

A couple weeks back, I had a chance to tune into

a special

Sunday Morning

If you aren’t in tune with this show yet

Get on it my friend..

Every Sunday Morning on CBS


They had the late great

Jerry Seinfeld on for
a special interview

Besides collecting cars or

driving around in his awesome

Old Ferrari he treasures so much

He still continues to perfect his craft

Going into small

(sometimes run down)

Comedy joints every week to perform..

Now, why would a successful guy

who’s worth millions

Continue to do such a thing..?


It keeps him on his toes so he can continue

to create awesome jokes


Never lose track of what made him what he is today

Pure genius

There’s another trick that this man has done
throughout his career to continue

to produce great results for himself

It’s something I have everyone within

The LostFit Elite do throughout their transformation

What is it..?


With a

big red


Let me explain..

Pay CLOSE attention to the parts I’ve
“Bolded” as they can be MASSIVE for your success

“He said to become a great comedian he needed
to write every day”

“He than explained that he had a big wall
calendar, that showed the entire year on one

Next he would take a big red marker

and put a big red “X” over every day he completed his

After several days you will begin to create
this chain, that will grow longer and longer
as the days go on”

Your only goal being…

to NOT break the chain

Daily action builds HABITS

You might have heard the saying

“inch by inch is a cinch”


but only if you
can move an inch everyday

Seinfeld didn’t care..

If he had the drive or not

If he was writing jokes or not (he just had
to write something)

The only thing that mattered was not breaking
the chain

Truly simple, yet EFFECTIVE advice

Want to get a better body?

do some kind of training everyday (even if
it’s for only a ten minute walk)

Don’t break the chain

Want to instill better nutrition habits?

Start with balance and slowly cut back on all
the crap you eat

Don’t break the chain

Want to DOMINATE at anything?

do whatever it is you want to get better at


Don’t break the chain

Taking advice from a guy that’s been in the
trenches and is STILL doing it today

just rapidly ACCELERATES your results

You can get the advice and tools you need to
start drawing your X over here:


Logan “X marks the Spot ” Henry

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