Project X Challenge Charleston - LostFit

How Out of Shape Busy Men, Took Back Control of Their Lives, Transformed their Careers, Saved Their Relationships and Became Unstoppable

Apply for our ELITE life-altering immersion program specifically for 6 Busy Businessmen who are fed up, always stressed, and can no longer tolerate their current reality any longer.  Who are looking to get their fit, confident and powerful selves back across all areas of life in a stress free, simple to implement way.


•Having a marriage or relationship that's on another level filled with passion, connection, happiness & fulfilling intimacy - instead of just "tolerating" each other, or simply settling with a 'good marriage' - and not a great one.

•Being a present, loving, connected father to your children - instead of feeling guilty about being 'too busy' to be there for them.

•Having an optimized body to take on everyday with full power. One you feel confident, powerful & healthy in. -instead of one that makes you feel unhappy, embarrassed, and ashamed.

•Living a life deeply rooted with a sense of certainty, purpose and fulfillment.

  • Learn the Map and Protocol used by hundreds of men to strategically and methodically "Have It All" through a unique method known as The Knightrise Protocol.

*Find clarity in your life's purpose, in your relationships, in your approach to work, sexual intimacy, leadership and more - guided by me and other coaches and trainers who live this every day as examples, teaching you from real-life experience - rather than theory.

"Are you finally ready for a lifestyle transformation program that works with you and has the certainty of results built in and only goes at a pace in which you're confident in?"

If you’re frustrated and just want results that will stick for good based on scientific principles that have worked with Hundreds of Men in the real world, but you're skeptical about any program in general,

...Then Here is The Solution

The world-class LostFit experience known as Knightrise Protocol  (exclusively for only 6 men in the Charleston, Summerville, West Ashley, and Mt. Pleasant areas) where you’ll receive:

  • A strategy session in which we will figure out where you are and where you want to go, eliminate bottlenecks and create a blueprint that if individualized to YOU and your lifestyle and will deliver Results and then help you maintain will get a clear picture and a simple step by step blueprint in how to achieve the results you want 


Extreme accountability from me and the other
brothers in your group.Enter a brotherhood of
men that are there to hold your feet to the
fire and hold you accountable to doing the
things you said you were going to do.


Access training and coaching modules before
the event that will guide you through the
proven, underground art & science of the
Knights Protocol to having it all in body,
mindset, relationships & business.


36 hour experiential integration of
the Knights Protocol and a customized
transformation of your body, mindset,
relationship & business.

Associate yourself with other men who (just
like you) are ready to level up their own
lives and do the work on themselves.


100% individualized hand-crafted program tailored to you. An actionable, simple process to create every single result you want not just in your body, but within your mindset, your relationships,
and your career..super-fast.

You will experience 3 different phases of the Knightrise Protocol.

Phase 1: Learn

Through a series of elite-level underground
training modules I will guide you through the
hidden science that has taken me several
years to develop.

Our outcome through these Modules of Training
is to allow your mind to begin to see the
world through the nearly limitless possibility of the Knights Protocol here in the elite brotherhood.

By the time you are complete with these
Modules for the first time you will get a
glimpse into the reality of having it all in
body, mindset, relationships & business.

Outcome: Full intellectual understanding of
the Knights Protocol to unlocking unstoppable
confidence, calm, and power inside your body,
mindset, relationships, and business.

Phase 2: Integrate

You will have a few coaching sessions leading
up to the Knightrise Protocol where you will
experience Real and RADICAL results driven
from me in order to customize the Information
you learned from the training modules.

This will not only ensure you understand the
information you have learned, but will help
you implement these strategies immediately
into your life for fast results.

Outcome: Full customized Integration of
the Knights Protocol to unlocking unstoppable
confidence, calm, and power inside your body,
mindset, relationships, and business.

Phase 3: Expand

Once you've learned the information and
have begun to implement the Knights Protocol into your life...

It's now time to expand by experiencing the 2
most liberating yet challenging days you have
ever experienced before.

After associating and immersing yourself amongst the
brotherhood you will unlock the most powerful version of you that you've ever come to know.

Knightrise Protocol has been deemed "The
greatest and most life-changing experience of
my life" by the men who attended this
experience not too long ago.

Outcome: Full Immersion and Next Level Experience of
the Knights Protocol to unlocking unstoppable
confidence, calm, and power inside your body,
mindset, relationships, and business.

No theory.

No BS.


Almost Forgot..

Knightrise Protocol is NOT for everyone, and
not everyone that has an interview with me will be

  • You MUST have a desire to produce results
    that most people would deem 'unthinkable'

    You MUST be willing to invest time and
    effort into your relationships and fitness as
    well as your career/business

    • You MUST be committed to doing the work

      necessary to expand and grow your career

      beyond where it is now

    • You MUST have the desire to want to show up
      as the best Husband, Father, and Man you can
      possibly be

      You MUST be ready to commit and go ALL in to
      become LIMITLESS inside all areas of your


1) What do I get inside the Knightrise Protocol?

Weeks of Pre-Event Coaching, 36 Hour Immersive Experience in Charleston, SC, and action plans specifically customized to your life.

2) Is There a Guarantee?

We guarantee your experience will be world-class, personal and with impeccable guidance and support to help you get the results you desire.

We will give you guidance, support, and  action plans......But just like anything in life, results come down to a commitment...a commitment in doing what you said you would do. In other words, you get out what you put in. 

This is the system and the art of coaching that I've built over several years to transform clients to get long term sustainable Results. So if you do what's required of you, then you will see RESULTS. 

3) Do I need to be Fit or Strong to join?

No, not at all. That's the reason behind the program, is to take you from stressed out, overwhelmed, and unhappy with your where you're at right now..and give you the guidance and support needed to unlock the POWER you have within you.

You'll discover this within an inspirational, supportive, group of ambitious, hardworking MEN who are just like you.

​4) What Happens After I Fill In the Application Form? 

After you fill in the form, I will review it and if accepted I will reach out to you via text message to set up our interview together.