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How Cooper Saved Her Father’s Life

A true story about Hunter… and Cooper.

Cooper is 6 years old and is the beloved daughter of Hunter.

You see Hunter was 36 years of age, 50 pounds

Fed up feeling low of energy, lacking
self-confidence, always trying to hide his
gut, and was fed up of giving up on his
vision to get into better shape and lose the
excess weight he’d gained over the past 5
years or so.

Sound familiar? Continue on…

Imagine a real life Tony Soprano…

Minus the whole Italian and being in a Mob

And yes in case you weren’t aware James
Gandolfini (the guy who played Tony) was the actor who died in 2013,
aged just 51, from a heart attack.

He was a ‘Walking Time Bomb..’ according to
his heart doctor.


That guy…
Well Hunter is kinda just like him.

He has his own busy successful business,
leading from the front and constantly growing
his business to new heights (more on this in
a later post)

Yet he had told himself for quite some time
now (about 6 years)

“I have all I need, I am fine carrying around
this excess weight, and this gut doesn’t
bother me one bit…”

He told himself… yet deep down he didn’t
really believe that…

Sure he wanted support, the help, the
solution, but his Pride sort of kept him from
giving himself permission to get the level of
support and guidance he knew he needed…

He was too busy hustling and getting things
on his own for so long, that he felt he was
admitting failure if he couldn’t do this

Which of course, being I man, I totally get
as I’ve been there before.

See, everyone whose achieved results inside
some area of their life realize that going
solo usually doesn’t cut it, especially if
the results they’re seeking are going to be

Hunter is not a guy who’d settle for just
mediocre results.

He’d want the the same level of results he’s
used to experiencing inside his thriving
business…. in his Body and Overall
well-being… RADICAL results that people
would notice.

(If you need specific guidance to get the results you want–Click Here Now).

He also realized, would enable him to become
an even BETTER:

** Father

** Husband

** Leader

** Producer

And a much nicer guy to be around.. more calm
and less reactive towards things. Less
worried if he was going to let those he cared
for most down or be looked at by his kids as
someone who didn’t take care of himself.

Truth be told that’s what sparked him to take
action in the first place…

Because it wasn’t until his daughter shined a
spotlight on him by mentioning his weight.

And this is something that is happening
constantly with people all over.

So many people tolerate their current
situation for far too long, because they are
simply, lost, and unaware of how to get
support that will guide them to the
sustainable results they want.

Yes they tried things before, then fall off

So Hunter… was laying there in his bed
after his daughter had mentioned she’s 6
years old…

Like I mentioned above, her name is Cooper…

And she is his world.

But for a moment…

Hunter imagined what life would be like if he
missed out on experiencing life with her as
she grew older…

==> going to prom…

==> getting married…

==> starting a family of her own one day…

Not only this, but how she would perceive him as
she got older if he didn’t take care of
himself more.

Then it hit HIM…

For the first time in his life, he thought…

What would life be like for his daughter if
he wasn’t there because he let his pride and
ego get in the way of what really mattered

Who would protect her?

Who would make her feel safe?

Who would teach her things and be the role
model she looked up to?

Suddenly, Hunter put his pride in check and
left his ego at the door, realizing that
Cooper was the reason WHY he was finally
going to give himself permission to move
forward with what he’d been putting off for
far too long.

To ensure Cooper never has to experience
those pains of her father not being their as
the hero she sees him as.

Simply because he was too stubborn to do
anything about it.

What happened next?

Hunter… made a POWERFUL decision and got
some incredible RESULTS for doing so. (more on that below)

He had someone who had taken tons of guys
just like him through a step-by-step process
that would ensure his success.

He was given the guidance and support to push
past any limitations he might of had
before… to experience a complete lifestyle

Without even realizing it, Cooper had given
her father the greatest gift of all…

The gift of not only show up for her as the
BEST father he could be, but to show up for
his wife, employees and everyone else he
cared for the most as BETTER man.

She gave her father the ability to step
inside his own power and become a version of
himself that he had never seen before..a man
who’s now INVINCIBLE.

And if Hunter story resonated with you…

And you want your loved ones to
see you as the POWERFUL, strong, confident
role model like the one above…

Then click HERE to reach out and get some
support even if right now that means having a
powerful conversation to help get you

Logan Henry- Helping Busy Men Build Power, Confidence, & Courage through Fitness & Life.

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the results Hunter has created for himself.

The ONE thing you need to stop doing (if you ever want results)

“Avoiding discomfort creates a life of discomfort because in the end you never get what you really want..and you just end up settling for less..”

You might be avoiding the discomfort of getting into shape.

Saying things like…

“I just can’t change my body”

“I just don’t have the time”

“It might work for everyone else but not me”

“I’m scared of what people might think if I change”

I hear it all the time from people I like to refer to as “Reasoners”

All the reasons as to why they can’t achieve what it is their after

See, like your business or career…

Your Relationships

Your Energy to Keep Up With those around you

Your BODY does not lie.

You notice it, everyone else notices it.

Your body, like your success in everything else comes down to your current REALITY…

This is why most choose to hide it and cover it up.

With sedation.

With laughter.

With anger.

With sex.

With drugs.

With work.

With alcohol.

When deep down…

They’ve truly had enough.

Do they want to change… No.

See, it’s easier to stay exactly as you are…




This may sound harsh.

But bottom line… it’s the truth.

I’m all about optimism and think effort has it’s merits but…

“What could be better, is as good as broken”

The truth might hurt, but it will damn sure set you free.

I like YOU…

Have been through the struggles many times before and I’m sure I’ve got more coming my way.

But, regardless of what’s happened to me before or what’s ahead of me, there’s one thing certain I know that won’t help…

Making Excuses.


Blaming others for things that have happened to me.

Because when it comes down to it… the only person that can make the difference in our lives is us…

I feel your pain.

I’m putting in the work everyday to better myself across all areas of life.

Because getting what you want

“Is not about what you have to do…It’s about who you have to become”

Is it easy? No.

But, just like everything else great you’ve achieved in your life nothing comes easy that’s worth having.

So today I ask you this my friend.

Where inside your world are you avoiding discomfort?

When you know the very thing your resisting will be the one thing you need to accomplish your goals.

And your mission is this…

Pick one thing you’ve been avoiding and just go after it.

Don’t wait for the “perfect plan.”

Don’t ponder the thought.

Just GO.

Logan ‘Just Go’ Henry

A harsh and brutal truth about your problems


This post is both raw and uncut.

So if you’re easily offended, now’s your
chance to click back to social media, my man.

See, out of all the business owners and high
performing busy men that I’ve met and coached…

There’s this misconception with being “busy.”

Constantly working longer hours to try and
keep up with the work load.

Problem is most businessmen and hard working
guys simply AREN’T performing.

Being honest here…it takes a strong man to
admit this kind of thing.

Not taking time for themselves or taking care
of themselves.


Their Health.

Their Energy.

Their Body.

Their Focus.

Their Vitality.

All have gone by the waste side.

Because most will believe that in order to
keep up they must work more hours to make up
for their lack of performance.

Don’t get it twisted, my friend.

Working smarter and harder has its merits to
achieving great success.

But imagine this…

You continue to work hard, but now you have
optimized your body and health.

We live in a day and age where self sabotage
is far too common.

Starts off by sabotaging your health.

Then carries over into sabotaging your

Constantly missing out on time with loved
ones and always feeling run down.

Getting to a point where some days you want
to burn down everything you’ve worked so hard

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be
this way.

Our ‘on the go’ society has become a big
contributor of death and disease inside
middle aged adults from ages 35 to 50.


Over 600,000 deaths occur from heart attack
alone and the majority of them can be stopped
simply by making a lifestyle change.

Staying busy through the pain…

Staying busy through spending time with your

Continue to miss out on date nights…

Not to mention Sex lives, are almost non-existent.

The excess belly fat is killing testosterone
levels and desire…is no where near where it once was.

It comes down to taking care of YOU.

Because the once ‘busy guy’ has now
transformed into a high performing guy that
gets shit done at lighting speed.

Things that once took all day to complete are
now happening in half the time.

Leaving you with…

=> Energy left in the tank to come home and
keep active with those you love.

=> The confidence to know you’re setting the
right example for your loved ones and those
around you.

=> The ability to make more money because now
you have the power to produce at your highest
possible level.

Simply put…

Showing up as the BEST version of you, will
give you the highest possible results across
ALL areas of your life.

We live in a world where the only way to be
successful is to be constantly busy.

Consider those closest to you value the BEST
of you, not just the best things you can
provide them with

Here’s a concept…

Why not choose both?

Coach Logan Henry

The King of Results (and a video)

Let’s make this a quickie:

“I have no time…” is the biggest reason
most busy guys avoid ever taking care of
their body.

Thinking they have to everything be ‘perfect,’ before they ever get started.

Spending endless hours doing the same mundane
workouts, but never seeing any change.

I’ll tell you what, my man.

If I put a valiant effort into something, day
in, day out and saw no reward…I’d probably quit too.

However, I’ll have you consider this:

Consistency is.. (and always will be)


But you must be consistent with doing the RIGHT

So as in my humble (and accurate opinion)

You DON’T need to waste away your precious
busy hours trying to get the results you want.

However, you DO need to put in the work.

But work smarter, not harder and you will

In fact, small frequent training’s daily like this one here:


Coach Logan Henry

Next level nightcrawler

So I decided to take a trip down memory lane
by taking another gander at the flick “Night
Crawler” featuring sir Gyllenhaal…

And once again, I loved it.

Maybe you’ve seen it…

Maybe you haven’t…

Maybe you could care less…

Regardless of your opinion of the movie, I’m
here to drop some lessons upon ya.

Recap of the flick:


Jobless Sociopath (Gyllenhaal)

Ends up capturing rare crime footage around
the city of Los Angeles.

He ends up hiring an intern to get to each
crime scene quicker than the other guy.

There’s only one problem, though…

His intern isn’t much of a brave soul.

He’s entering into some hardcore stuff here.

I’m not talking petty crime or theft here
either, comrade.

Brutal and Bloody is where this tale goes.

But I’ll let you take a looksies for

In the meantime, here’s a vital
lesson I pulled out for you.


Gyllenhall can sense that his intern is
always a bit skeptical of things.

And on the way to a scene, he leans over to
the intern and states…

Do you have any idea what the meaning of fear
actually is…





Fear is usually the number one reason why
going through change can be hard.

It usually comes down to holding onto a story
merely is a figment of your imagination.


This is huge because when it comes to
destroying the past and not letting FEAR
conflict with your future.

You need to step aside and take note of the
stressful thought that’s currently roaming
about throughout your brain.

Whatever’s going on inside that brain of
yours…write it down and most important…INQUIRE.

Meaning Ask Questions:

1. Is it true? (the thought or belief your
thinking about)

2. Can you absolutely be certain it’s true?

3.How do you react when you believe this

4. Who would you be without that thought?

4 simple questions that will set you FREE

If the fear persists even after inquiring…

Then do it every single day on that one
specific thought and I promise…

You’ll come to a NEW realization


What life would be like if you didn’t attach
to the stories your mind has simply

And remember this:

For there to be consistent evolution on the
outside, you must first create a Revolution
on the inside.

And if you’re ready for your own
revolution…click HERE.


How to save time (and beat procrastination)

So as I’m writing this to you, it’s taken me
a good 15 to 20 minutes to get things going.

And, hell…

Somedays it takes me even longer.

You ever had days like this?

Even after you indulge in a strong cup of
coffee..maybe two.

An hour passes by and you still haven’t
accomplished a thing.

Well, you’re in luck, my man.

Today I’m going to drop on you some time
bombs so you can manage your time better and
CONQUER your day.

Time Hacks 101

1.) Time Yourself

Think of it like back in the day when you had
to take a test for something. Normally you were given about a solid hour to complete it
and that was it.

Well, similar concept applies here.

Except in my experience chunking things down
into small blocks works way better.

For example:

Set a Timer for 30 Minutes and once your alarm goes off…

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Take a non-negotiable 5 to 10-minute break.
Walk around or do whatever you want.

This works wonders considering you and I have
the attention span of that of a goldfish. (sucks I know)

2.) Set A Deadline & Reward Yourself

You ever wonder why you get more shit done
before you go on vacation than any other

It’s simply because you have a deadline that
creates urgency in you to light a fire under
your ass to get things done so you don’t have
to deal with it on vacation.

The reward, in this case, is the vacation.

But, let’s say you’re not going on vacation.

All good.

Set a fake deadline then.

Even if a certain work project
isn’t do for another 6 months. Condense time
even further and make it to where it’s a must
for you to get ahead of things in half the
time instead of waiting till the very last

Then reward yourself by doing one thing you
love the most. Could be as simple as treating yourself to
a badass action flick.

Whether it be small or big, always be willing
to celebrate your wins.

Bonus: Yes, my friend. I decided to throw a
little bonus one in here for you.

***Focus on the ONE thing.

Often times when you’re living life in the
fast lane or producing at a high level you
need to make it a priority to cut down on your
typical ‘To Do’ List.

When you focus on one thing, this allows you
to focus on strategic moves that will take
you in the direction you need to go without
having you piss around on stuff that doesn’t
serve you or take you one step closer to your

So there you have it, my man.

Just a few tricks of the trade that I live by
to manage time and get a lot done in very
little time.

click here to access more time saving hacks

There is also other vital key concepts that I
teach the men inside the LostFit Elite that
allows them to condense time and accomplish
more inside a 90 day period of time than most
have in the last 9 months.

And, I’m not just talking physical here.

We go across the board.

Better Body

Better Relationships

Better Mindset

Better Business/Career

Showing up as 4-dimensional men.

Logan ‘Time Master’ Henry

P.S- You can discover how to unlock unstoppable confidence inside your Body, Business, & Life by downloading the step-by-step results-driven system, free.

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