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Latest Cookbook: A Primal Feast

This is hands down one of my best cook books yet. From Protein, Fat, to great sources of Carbs, this meal is packed with all the nutrients you need to grow and recover outside the gym. Think Primal and Enjoy this Feast! Full Video Exclusively Inside the Lostfit Inner Circle.


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Lost Cookbook: The Elite Burrito

In this Episode of the Lost Cookbook I will show you how to create a burrito that is packed full of the nutrients you need to grow and repair outside of the gym. Not to mention, it’s delicious!

Fat Burning Breakfast

As most of you have been told “breakfast” is the most important meal of the day. This statement can be true to a point, but most of society is confused about what’s the most optimal meal to intake during breakfast time. Most people would advocate a large carbohydrate meal to give you sustained energy and get you going for the day. The problem with this option is that your body is primed for fat burning during the morning hours. When you wake up your cortisol levels are at their highest. Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes breakdown of muscle tissue. The only way this breakdown of muscle will occur is if cortisol is paired with a high insulin spike. Most carb options will cause your insulin to spike, therefore a morning filled with donuts and muffins might not be your best bet when it comes to triggering fat loss. A breakfast that keeps your insulin levels low will help continue the fat burning process and will give you sustained energy as the day goes on. If you stick with foods that are higher in protein and fat this will keep the insulin levels low. Foods such as:

Eggs & Bacon
Chicken & Almonds
Steak & Walnuts
Ham & Avocado

The high protein content will help release a gradual amount of blood sugar slowly throughout the day. This will help sustain energy levels and get you away from the lethargic crash that you might have after downing tons of carbs.

Simply by changing your breakfast every morning you will be able to see a gradual drop in body fat.

If your not a fan of breakfast that’s fine as well. I prefer to usually spend the first couple hours of the day in a fasted state. Sometimes if I need something to curve my appetite a little black coffee, coconut oil, and some whey protein will do just the trick. Rise, Grind, and Keep Lean Lostfit Nation!

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Power Bars

Nutrition is key when it comes to recovery and overall health. In this new video I will take you through a tasty recipe that is sure to get your taste buds fired up! This high protein meal is quick and easy for when your on the go. Check it out today in the Lost Cookbook Series only inside the members section. If you are not a member yet, click here to join.

Eggplant Pizza

In this Lostfit Cookbook I switch things up and give you your not so ordinary pizza. This little treat is tasty, healthy and quick to make. Check out the Lostfit Cookbook inside the members section. Not a member yet? Click Here for Details.

Cookie Dough Dream

Who doesn’t like a little cookie dough now and than? Here I will take you through one of my favorite recipes that is packed with high protein and is a great alternative to the regular stuff. Check it out today inside the Lostfit Cookbook inside the members section. Not a member yet, click here for details.