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Look what happened to Hunter (proof)

So if you heard the powerful story about how Hunter’s daughter
saved his life…

Read it again here.

And today I’m holding true to my word by
sharing just some of Hunter’s incredible
results with you.

But before I do…

Let me make something clear.

Having more confidence, feeling happier, and
thriving more across all areas of life is
simply a byproduct of doing what you said you
would do.

Not just talking about it, but BEING about

And well my friend, Hunter has proven time
and time again that doing the work and
holding true to your commitments PAYS off in
a big way.

His message below about his results proves
this to be true:


The protocol that these men live by every day is what’s having the highest rate of success with guys, like Hunter I’ve been helping.

The results?

Hunter… Now he has the body and energy of his
younger years, he said:

=>”I haven’t weighed 190 since probably high
school, or at least my freshman year in
college, which is great. And as my brother
said the other day, I’m the fittest person in
the family now.”

=>” I have more energy now than I’ve
probably ever had in my life. I’m able to put
more into work. I’m able to put more into family.
Like I said, self-confidence has been the biggest turnaround. My
whole life I probably had very little self-confidence, and now I can’t tell if I just really have a lot of self-confidence, or I just don’t give a shit what people think, or if that’s pretty much the same thing, because
I’ve never really had it before. It feels great. I’m proud of myself now. I can hold my head up high.”

Leaving him with plenty ENERGY to play with his
kids, for hours.

He’s performing way better with the extra focus, energy and less
stress in his life. (what’s an extra 3-5 hours in a day worth to you?)

Intimacy – yep, he has that testosterone back,
higher levels of sex drive and performance,
something we often find to ‘taboo’ to talk
about, but you know as well as I do it matters…

His self-image.

He looks great and he feels happier.

Results Matter,

Logan Henry

PS- So, if you liked any of this share
today..feel free to reach out, via the link
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something similar be a reality for you.

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He did it to himself (results)

“I thought it was just going to be some
fitness thing…”

A common misconception I often hear from guys
looking in from the outside.. that is until we
cross paths.

And they soon realize that fitness is simply the vehicle that ignites the fire within to take everything else to another level.

We don’t focus on one area we Focus on ALL

And though “the journey” may have its

It’s RESULTS that matter.

Especially results like these here:


These are just some of the incredible results that he’s
created for himself.

And speaking of results…

After receiving several messages within the
last few weeks.

I realize that a lot of guys (maybe even you)
are struggling with:

==>Low energy levels, lacking confidence, health is beginning to
deteriorate because of the constant stress you place on it.

==>Poor to sub-par production levels inside
your career..You are constantly feeling
exhausted and overwhelmed which leaves your
ability to produce sub-par to almost
non-existent levels and is costing you (and
your ability to provide and GROW your career)

==>Relationships or marriage is completely
(or almost) disconnected. Things are merely
being ‘tolerated’ and now you feel like a
roommate inside your own home-where sex has
come down to 1 maybe even 2 times a month
(instead of 2 to 3 times a week)

==>Constant guilt. You want to continue to do
well inside your career, but because you’re
so busy you feel guilty by not being able to
remain a present, connected, loving father or
husband to those you love most.

So, I’m considering putting on a training in the beginning of the new year so we can get all of the above handled for you and so that you can…

**Finally have a well-performing body to take
on every day with full power, never have your
confidence stripped away from you, and always
feel certain that you’re the man whose
considered a true role model for those you
love and care for most.

**Produce at your own MAXIMUM capacity, make
more money all whilst living a life that’s
more stress-free allowing you to spend more
time with those you love most.

**Having a marriage or relationship that’s on
another level filled with tons of intimacy,
connection, & happiness -one that has all of
your friends and family envy you.

**Show up every day as a present, loving,
connected father to your children and loved
ones – instead of feeling guilty about always
being ‘too busy’ to be there for them.

And you no longer have to-

==>Feel guilty about falling short as a
husband, partner or father again.

==>Roll with the punches (and instead you’re
the one who PUNCHES back)

==>Continue to sedate with food, alcohol,
drugs, porn, laughter (and finally shed the
cloak of uncertainty that currently exists in

==>Have your kids (or loved ones) poke fun at
your gut and say “Daddy’s Fat”

==>Deal with the reality of a possible
divorce or break up

==>Go weeks (or months) without sex because
you’ve discovered how to re-connect with your
loved ones in a way they either haven’t seen
before (or it’s been quite a long time)

So, given all of this, if you’re interested
in learning more about this upcoming

Send me a quick email to this address here==>

Or.. click HERE to send me a private message now.

And let me know if you’re interested in learning more.

Logan Henry


What Really Counts

Behold a classic saying I hear far too often:


“Trying to get going, I don’t want to be here
right now. I need to find me some motivation”


I’m not here to tell you how you simply can’t
rely on motivation as I feel I’ve made my
point on that before.

However, aside from him not wanting to be

I must give him credit for showing up and
getting after it regardless of how he felt.

See, most wouldn’t even show up in the first

See, after you’ve mustered up the courage to
commit something, it’s your duty to persevere
and show up daily through your actions, not
your words.

And your ability to do that inside any area
of life is the difference between staying
where you are right now and get lasting
results that will impact your life for the

If you’re anything like me, you know days are
bound to come that you can’t seem to get

And those thoughts of ‘why bother’
begin to creep inside your head.

Stressed about the present…

Fearful about the future…

Pissed off about the past…

Motivation seems to have faded…

Someone triggers you and it’s all you can
think about…

Things pop up that you weren’t expecting…

And before you know it….you once again,
surrender, and decide to throw in the towel

But to reach your goals…these are the most
important days to show up.

And let me clear up some BS you’ve probably
heard before…

“All you need is willpower and you can get
through anything”

I’m here to tell you otherwise, my good man.

I don’t care who you are, if you’re dependent
on will power, you will be fighting a losing

Willpower will eventually run out.

It comes down to creating a limitless
mindset, one that is UNBEATABLE.

One that can act in spite of instead of
giving into the emotions and the feelings.

One that has you showing up everyday without
any self doubt.

In Strength,

Coach Logan Henry

The more you fail, the luckier you’ll get

“Fail, Fast, Fail Often…”

Is a saying you might tend to hear from most
successful individuals.

And you know what, my man.

I couldn’t agree more.

See, in order to expand and progress across
any area of life, you must get comfortable
with failing.

As failing will teach you immediately what
NOT to do…

And have you consider better solutions to
take you one step closer toward your goals.

So today I figured I’d share some critical
lessons with you that I’ve learned from my
own failures.

Read on squire and implement away.

1. Challenge Everything

If you don’t begin to challenge things inside
your life…

You will continue to be challenged yourself.

So consider today to start placing high
demand on your Body, Mindset, Relationship,
and Business in a way that will challenge you
to show up as a better man.

Otherwise, continue to react to things and
watch as things slowly begin to crumble
around you.

2. Struggle

Sure it might sound contradictive…

But in order for you to obtain the results
you want…

You will have to experience some element of

So why not go after something WORTH
struggling for?

3. Treat your entire life as ONE

Want to improve your body so you can gain
more confidence?

Yet your relationship at home resembles more
of a Relation-shit…good luck.

Want to improve your relationships so you can
have more connection and might add..more sex?

Yet you continue to ignore your better half
throughout the week, you never consistently
plan special date nights and you expect that
when the weekend rolls around that she’ll be
be ready to sack up for a good time..think

Want to improve your business and make more
money so you can continue to THRIVE and
provide for those you love most in your

Yet you are constantly in a state of
overwhelm, you’re stressed out and full of

I think you get the point.

And I can tell you from my experience when
you shift your attention from focusing on
just one area…and begin to focus on ALL

Just sit back and watch your life begin to
grow in ways you (or anyone else around you)
couldn’t have ever IMAGINED.

There you have it.

3 Critical Lessons from my own failures.

Do with them what you will.

Oh and in case you’re looking to learn from
your failures at a much faster rate so you
can stop doing crap that isn’t working for here.

Logan ‘Failing Fast’ Henry

His famous last words 2.0

Behold some accomplished words mentioned back in March by fellow
LostFit Elite Brother Elliott S:

“Last year Allison and I were riding past
this event and I looked over at her and said,
“look at those idiots.” I never thought I
would ever be able to do anything like this.
This has been a great physical change and
attitude change in my life. Thank you Logan
Henry and our entire ‪#‎lostfitfamily‬ for
pushing me.”

Fast forward to about 72 hours ago he said this:

“Feeling GREAT…can’t believe we did it..can’t believe
I did it..just feel very empowered today. I guess is the
right word. Thanks for pushing us, thanks for pushing
was an awesome experience.”

Talk about a complete 180.
See, when we are often afraid of something…

Or..not sure we can actually accomplish such a

We tend to pass judgment…

I know I’ve been guilty of this before.

But you and I are only human so it’s in our nature to judge what we fully don’t understand.

So in Elliot’s case…

Deep down he only said the
whole ‘idiot’ comment because he didn’t think
that he would ever be able to do such a thing.

Fast forward to more than a year later…

He’s down over 40 pounds.

He’s taken better control of his stress levels.

He’s focusing on showing up every day as a better
father and a better husband.

And now has the confidence to take down not just one,
but 2 mud runs in the same year..not to mention one of them
was 4X the length of the previous one.

He’s truly become a modern day UNSTOPPABLE man.

Same goes for the rest of the guys…

Everyone came in not knowing what to expect.

And left with a feeling of accomplishment…

Throughout the entire race, everyone was there
to support one another

No one trucked ahead to show they were better.

No one complained about it being too hard.

No one judged one another for going too slow.

Nope, that’s not the code we live by.

Everyone within the LostFit arena comes
together to RISE as one.

Sure, they got through it, but might I remind
you that it didn’t use to be this simple for
these busy guys who once were…


Out of Shape


Confused on where to start

**Truly unhappy with their physical presence

**The way it was affecting those closest to
them in life

**Whether it be the confidence to take on new

**Take on new challenges inside their careers


**The ability to have more energy to get
through the day

They wanted more…

With everything out there at their finger

The number ONE thing I always come across
that someone is lacking is true…


See, going through any journey of change can
be a tough road, especially trying to go at it solo.

Because I’ll have you consider without having accountability and constant support by your side.. reaching your goals can become pretty damn near impossible.

Regardless of the accountability they get
from me, I believe it’s the massive support from everyone else
within the group that helps them push themselves to a higher standard.

And to be 100% honest with you.

No one…

I repeat…

NO one…

Likes going through a difficult journey of
change alone…

When someone is having an ‘off’ week or
struggles within everyday life…

The group is always there as a whole…

Making sure everyone is on point with hitting
their goals and most important of all…

Holding everyone accountable for all the
things they said they would DO.

When they started their transformation

The excuses…

The stories…

All fell by the waste side…

And something unique happens as an
unbreakable bond is formed.

Making each of them UNSTOPPABLE.

So consider today to STOP going solo.

And start being held accountable for all your
goals by men who are there to stand by your

No matter what struggles you may face along
your journey.

Click HERE to start being held accountable.

And start experiencing 30 DAYS of an unstoppable YOU.

Logan ‘Superman” Henry

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The Crude Difference Between Winners And Losers

Overcoming the drift…

Because let’s face it, my man, life is far
from perfect.

And well…

Shit happens.

Especially in the realm of reaching the
results you want inside any area of life.





The list goes on and on…

It’s a guarantee that you will be tested and
something is bound to occur that will throw
you off course.

But it comes down to the decisions you make
during this time, that become come crucial to
your success or your failure.

Do you decide to claim defeat and quit?

Do you decide to use it as an excuse to give

Do you decide to get back up and become the
last man standing?

Remember, there are no losses in life, only

Which brings me to 3 things you can do when
the drift begins to occur…

1.) Look Back at How Far You’ve Come

Stop focusing on the ideal place you’d like
to be at and start to appreciate what you
have already done.

This will show you not only the progress
you’ve already made, but will give you the
ability to tap into confidence and realize
that there are things you do now that you
could never do before you started.

2.) What’s the lesson?

There’s a lesson in everything (yes, even the

Write out what made you fall of course in the
first place.

Write out what you learned from it.

Write out the ONE thing you plan to do this
week to get back on track.

Write out How you will make that happen.

Consider the last one there the most vital of
them all.

3.) Seek Guidance & Support

Support from a coach and a group of men
facing the same struggles as you and are only
on a mission to better themselves is hands
down the best way to overcome the dreaded

Which reminds me…

If you want to finally be held accountable
for your actions and get the support needed
to reach your goals just fill in the short form below and I’ll reach out within the next 24-48 hours to schedule a powerful one-on-one transformation session with you.

Schedule your One-on-One Transformation Session Here:

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