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The 92% results “secret”

So it seems this time of a year flips somewhat of a
dimmer switch inside everyone.

Going into what I like to call:

Hibernation Mode

Saying things like:

‘Only a couple weeks away..When the New Year
hits, that’s when I’ll make a change!’

It’s strange, though…

For some have themselves convinced that
somehow massive change will occur once the
clock strikes midnight on the 31st of this

Thinking they’ll somehow have more time
available to be able to focus on themselves

Less Busy per say…

Isn’t it ironic, though..the same people that say they’re too busy now
will be the same ones that say they just don’t have the ‘time’ six months from now.

I’ll admit, though, my man…

I’ve been guilty of this as well.

“Next year things will be different, you’ll

And there lies the BIG problem.

Trying to convince ourselves that the ‘right
time’ is just around the corner.

Listen up.

There will NEVER be that time that lines up
perfect in your life (just like I’ve said

Which now brings me to my next point…


That’s the amount of people who in just a few
weeks time will think that somehow…

Osmosis will occur.

And the Results they’ve been longing for will
just magically appear…

Wrong reindeer..they won’t.

Sounds harsh.

But if you truly want to know who a man really is… take a look at his commitments.

And as I’ve learned from the coaches and mentors in my own life:

“The choices we make are ALWAYS in alignment with our deepest commitments.

By examining what we have and what we don’t
have.. we are able to uncover and see what we
are TRULY committed to.”

Logan Henry

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Look what happened to Hunter (proof)

So if you heard the powerful story about how Hunter’s daughter
saved his life…

Read it again here.

And today I’m holding true to my word by
sharing just some of Hunter’s incredible
results with you.

But before I do…

Let me make something clear.

Having more confidence, feeling happier, and
thriving more across all areas of life is
simply a byproduct of doing what you said you
would do.

Not just talking about it, but BEING about

And well my friend, Hunter has proven time
and time again that doing the work and
holding true to your commitments PAYS off in
a big way.

His message below about his results proves
this to be true:


The protocol that these men live by every day is what’s having the highest rate of success with guys, like Hunter I’ve been helping.

The results?

Hunter… Now he has the body and energy of his
younger years, he said:

=>”I haven’t weighed 190 since probably high
school, or at least my freshman year in
college, which is great. And as my brother
said the other day, I’m the fittest person in
the family now.”

=>” I have more energy now than I’ve
probably ever had in my life. I’m able to put
more into work. I’m able to put more into family.
Like I said, self-confidence has been the biggest turnaround. My
whole life I probably had very little self-confidence, and now I can’t tell if I just really have a lot of self-confidence, or I just don’t give a shit what people think, or if that’s pretty much the same thing, because
I’ve never really had it before. It feels great. I’m proud of myself now. I can hold my head up high.”

Leaving him with plenty ENERGY to play with his
kids, for hours.

He’s performing way better with the extra focus, energy and less
stress in his life. (what’s an extra 3-5 hours in a day worth to you?)

Intimacy – yep, he has that testosterone back,
higher levels of sex drive and performance,
something we often find to ‘taboo’ to talk
about, but you know as well as I do it matters…

His self-image.

He looks great and he feels happier.

Results Matter,

Logan Henry

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He did it to himself (results)

“I thought it was just going to be some
fitness thing…”

A common misconception I often hear from guys
looking in from the outside.. that is until we
cross paths.

And they soon realize that fitness is simply the vehicle that ignites the fire within to take everything else to another level.

We don’t focus on one area we Focus on ALL

And though “the journey” may have its

It’s RESULTS that matter.

Especially results like these here:


These are just some of the incredible results that he’s
created for himself.

And speaking of results…

After receiving several messages within the
last few weeks.

I realize that a lot of guys (maybe even you)
are struggling with:

==>Low energy levels, lacking confidence, health is beginning to
deteriorate because of the constant stress you place on it.

==>Poor to sub-par production levels inside
your career..You are constantly feeling
exhausted and overwhelmed which leaves your
ability to produce sub-par to almost
non-existent levels and is costing you (and
your ability to provide and GROW your career)

==>Relationships or marriage is completely
(or almost) disconnected. Things are merely
being ‘tolerated’ and now you feel like a
roommate inside your own home-where sex has
come down to 1 maybe even 2 times a month
(instead of 2 to 3 times a week)

==>Constant guilt. You want to continue to do
well inside your career, but because you’re
so busy you feel guilty by not being able to
remain a present, connected, loving father or
husband to those you love most.

So, I’m considering putting on a training in the beginning of the new year so we can get all of the above handled for you and so that you can…

**Finally have a well-performing body to take
on every day with full power, never have your
confidence stripped away from you, and always
feel certain that you’re the man whose
considered a true role model for those you
love and care for most.

**Produce at your own MAXIMUM capacity, make
more money all whilst living a life that’s
more stress-free allowing you to spend more
time with those you love most.

**Having a marriage or relationship that’s on
another level filled with tons of intimacy,
connection, & happiness -one that has all of
your friends and family envy you.

**Show up every day as a present, loving,
connected father to your children and loved
ones – instead of feeling guilty about always
being ‘too busy’ to be there for them.

And you no longer have to-

==>Feel guilty about falling short as a
husband, partner or father again.

==>Roll with the punches (and instead you’re
the one who PUNCHES back)

==>Continue to sedate with food, alcohol,
drugs, porn, laughter (and finally shed the
cloak of uncertainty that currently exists in

==>Have your kids (or loved ones) poke fun at
your gut and say “Daddy’s Fat”

==>Deal with the reality of a possible
divorce or break up

==>Go weeks (or months) without sex because
you’ve discovered how to re-connect with your
loved ones in a way they either haven’t seen
before (or it’s been quite a long time)

So, given all of this, if you’re interested
in learning more about this upcoming

Send me a quick email to this address here==> logan@lostfit.com.

Or.. click HERE to send me a private message now.

And let me know if you’re interested in learning more.

Logan Henry


What Really Counts

Behold a classic saying I hear far too often:


“Trying to get going, I don’t want to be here
right now. I need to find me some motivation”


I’m not here to tell you how you simply can’t
rely on motivation as I feel I’ve made my
point on that before.

However, aside from him not wanting to be

I must give him credit for showing up and
getting after it regardless of how he felt.

See, most wouldn’t even show up in the first

See, after you’ve mustered up the courage to
commit something, it’s your duty to persevere
and show up daily through your actions, not
your words.

And your ability to do that inside any area
of life is the difference between staying
where you are right now and get lasting
results that will impact your life for the

If you’re anything like me, you know days are
bound to come that you can’t seem to get

And those thoughts of ‘why bother’
begin to creep inside your head.

Stressed about the present…

Fearful about the future…

Pissed off about the past…

Motivation seems to have faded…

Someone triggers you and it’s all you can
think about…

Things pop up that you weren’t expecting…

And before you know it….you once again,
surrender, and decide to throw in the towel

But to reach your goals…these are the most
important days to show up.

And let me clear up some BS you’ve probably
heard before…

“All you need is willpower and you can get
through anything”

I’m here to tell you otherwise, my good man.

I don’t care who you are, if you’re dependent
on will power, you will be fighting a losing

Willpower will eventually run out.

It comes down to creating a limitless
mindset, one that is UNBEATABLE.

One that can act in spite of instead of
giving into the emotions and the feelings.

One that has you showing up everyday without
any self doubt.

In Strength,

Coach Logan Henry

A harsh and brutal truth about your problems


This post is both raw and uncut.

So if you’re easily offended, now’s your
chance to click back to social media, my man.

See, out of all the business owners and high
performing busy men that I’ve met and coached…

There’s this misconception with being “busy.”

Constantly working longer hours to try and
keep up with the work load.

Problem is most businessmen and hard working
guys simply AREN’T performing.

Being honest here…it takes a strong man to
admit this kind of thing.

Not taking time for themselves or taking care
of themselves.


Their Health.

Their Energy.

Their Body.

Their Focus.

Their Vitality.

All have gone by the waste side.

Because most will believe that in order to
keep up they must work more hours to make up
for their lack of performance.

Don’t get it twisted, my friend.

Working smarter and harder has its merits to
achieving great success.

But imagine this…

You continue to work hard, but now you have
optimized your body and health.

We live in a day and age where self sabotage
is far too common.

Starts off by sabotaging your health.

Then carries over into sabotaging your

Constantly missing out on time with loved
ones and always feeling run down.

Getting to a point where some days you want
to burn down everything you’ve worked so hard

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be
this way.

Our ‘on the go’ society has become a big
contributor of death and disease inside
middle aged adults from ages 35 to 50.


Over 600,000 deaths occur from heart attack
alone and the majority of them can be stopped
simply by making a lifestyle change.

Staying busy through the pain…

Staying busy through spending time with your

Continue to miss out on date nights…

Not to mention Sex lives, are almost non-existent.

The excess belly fat is killing testosterone
levels and desire…is no where near where it once was.

It comes down to taking care of YOU.

Because the once ‘busy guy’ has now
transformed into a high performing guy that
gets shit done at lighting speed.

Things that once took all day to complete are
now happening in half the time.

Leaving you with…

=> Energy left in the tank to come home and
keep active with those you love.

=> The confidence to know you’re setting the
right example for your loved ones and those
around you.

=> The ability to make more money because now
you have the power to produce at your highest
possible level.

Simply put…

Showing up as the BEST version of you, will
give you the highest possible results across
ALL areas of your life.

We live in a world where the only way to be
successful is to be constantly busy.

Consider those closest to you value the BEST
of you, not just the best things you can
provide them with

Here’s a concept…

Why not choose both?

Coach Logan Henry

The King of Results (and a video)

Let’s make this a quickie:

“I have no time…” is the biggest reason
most busy guys avoid ever taking care of
their body.

Thinking they have to everything be ‘perfect,’ before they ever get started.

Spending endless hours doing the same mundane
workouts, but never seeing any change.

I’ll tell you what, my man.

If I put a valiant effort into something, day
in, day out and saw no reward…I’d probably quit too.

However, I’ll have you consider this:

Consistency is.. (and always will be)


But you must be consistent with doing the RIGHT

So as in my humble (and accurate opinion)

You DON’T need to waste away your precious
busy hours trying to get the results you want.

However, you DO need to put in the work.

But work smarter, not harder and you will

In fact, small frequent training’s daily like this one here:


Coach Logan Henry