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Reckon you hit this too?

“I came to the point where I had enough and
literally half way through the work day I
felt like had something seriously wrong with
me…I could barley keep my eyes open, the
last thing I ever wanted to happen is for me
to end up like my dad”

^This was a deep underlying WHY of new lfit
elite member John B. wanted to finally
take action and make some changes

Often times when people are finally ready to
have a chat with me about transforming their

btw you can do exactly that by going HERE

I hear the common phrase

“I had enough”

Which is understandable because we will only
make a change when

the pain of staying where you are becomes
more painful then the pain of change

^that’s when you know a spark is lit and
CHANGE will finally take place

I’d have you consider you don’t need to wait
till you’ve hit rock bottom to decide it’s
time to change

All you have to do is make a


A decision to stay exactly as you are


RISE above

and take a stand to strive to be a better
version of you

Transforming into a:





because you don’t have to wait to be can improve day by day with small
steps that will soon equate to massive

You’re in control my friend

No one else

So I will leave you with this

Where in your life do you need to make a

Your body?

Your relationships?

Your career or business?

Deciding not to do anything is a decision

So why not take the higher road and actually
make one that will push you one step further

Something like this here:

Logan ‘ You’re in Control’ Henry





















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